Thursday, 3 April 2014

Friday 4/4/2014 - Two More Assignments Done, Visits To Libraries, and This Week's Wristwatches.

Friday 5:26pm AEST

I wore the WatchCo Seamaster 300 all week. Even managed to put a new scratch on the case, dammit!

Must get around to busting up that coconut. It's been sitting in the fruit bowl for over a month now.

My Command Centre yesterday as I ploughed through the assignments before stopping so that I could start writing this post on the Smith-Corona Silent Super.

Took this pic at around ten am this morning. Some tea substituted for Scotch in that shot glass. I like a drink, but come on! Not at ten am.

Switched over to the Lanco hand-wound early this morning before heading out to pay some bills. Love using the QDL.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


  1. Quite a busy week. Sorry to hear your foot is still swollen. It would be nice had it healed as fast as my eye.

    Nice typewriters and watches.

    Will your customer service class discuss why companies only talk about good customer service but none (unless it is a small family business) provide good customer service? Most do not even have a person to answer a phone call.

  2. Replies
    1. I was going to say the same thing - very stylish!

    2. Is the customer service class specific to the library or a collaboration with the business school? I'm wondering if the term has various meanings by different perspectives.

  3. Plan of an invasion on the State Library: four people with typewriters deployed to four corners of the room start typing one after another so others are mystified where the sound comes from... O.K. - that might result in a lifetime ban from the Library :)
    Beautiful Omega - great photo with Dewar's 12y.o. Are all Omegas broken like that or is that a personal preference to show 11am at 10am? ;) :P

  4. Ahhhhhh I probably have enough typewriters to cater for 40 people. Let's do it.

    How's that leg now?

    Thanks for writing up on the libraries history. As you know I always love a good bit of history in a blog. Good work. Should have grabbed a snap of the library while you were out front of it!

  5. @ Bill M, the foot is definitely much better, thank-you. Looks like my own once again.
    The main reason I got out of retail is because I began to notice a very much heavier emphasis on profit and a lesser emphasis on service. Yes, I know that businesses are in business to make money, but when you begin to lower the level of service that you give customers, that's when you begin placing profit above all else.

    @ NotAgain, no, it has nothing to do with the business courses. It's basically all about providing quality service to customers. They don't refer to them as patrons anymore. Even though people who come into a library are not purchasing anything, they are now referred to as customers. These days, the term 'customer service' often refers to call centres and complaints departments, but true customer service is just about dealing with people and their enquiries in a friendly and efficient manner.
    When I first began the course and the lecturer asked us all why we wanted to work in libraries, I was surprised by how many people said that they wanted to work in this industry because they 'love books' and 'like reading'. Libraries these days want staff who are 'good with people'. Luckily, I have enough customer service experience from my years in hospitality and retail to be able to deal comfortably with all manner of clientele. But I'm amazed at some of the very, very shy and withdrawn people doing this library course alongside me. I have to wonder how they will fare if/when they get into the library industry.

    @ Zetix and Scott K, a typewriter in that reading room would be a virtual impossibility these days, and I have to wonder if they ever would have let anyone bring a typewriter into that near-silent room.
    Leg's doing fine too, Scott, thanks. But I'll still go see the Doc in a few weeks, just to be sure.
    And I've since added some pics of the Library to a new post up above, but it's not as good as pictures to be found on the web.

    1. Well.... it was great to see. I feel homesick already.

  6. another awesome post! I learn things and see some good photography every time I visit your blog. Thanks!