Monday, 28 April 2014

A Quick Shout-Out to The Well-Apointed Desk.Com...psst, Typewriter Content.

I stumbled across this great website devoted to desk-bound workspaces and all that they entail. Ana, the lady who runs this site also appears to have a nice stable of typewriters, so I thought I'd provide a link to her archived posts/articles about them;

And the photos are very nice, too. 

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Ahh yeah, I checked that blog out the other day when I got a trackback from her (tho goodness know why of all the content on my blog, she chose to link to a post about electric wedges). Looks like a good candidate for the Typosphere blogroll. (:

  2. Always good to discover another obsessive.

  3. Lovely setup. Nice to see typewriters on a desk!