Thursday, 17 April 2014

Good Friday 2014 - More Painting, Cheap DVDs & This Week's Wristwatches

Good Friday, 4:54pm AEST

Switched to the Omega Seamaster 300 midweek.

And the Seiko that I wore while painting. Don't know why the picture doesn't come up rotated correctly.

And it's gotten a little chilly this afternoon. Sun's out, but there's an icy breeze blowing. Time to get indoors and stay indoors. Good Friday or not, it's pizza night tonight.

Have a safe and Happy Easter if you celebrate it, have a safe and happy weekend if you don't!

Thanks for reading!


  1. heh, a *third* Trip 35? Man, you've got a magnetic affinity for that model like I seem to for the Yashica Electro 35. I keep seeing them on Craigslist and Shopgoodwill for super-cheap - but I already have a great-condition example, so I keep resisting. :D

    1. Yeah, Ted, but it seems a little redundant to get a third one. Unless I'm thinking of a parts machine, but then it's better to buy a non-working model anyway.
      And I'm resisting the urge to hunt around for an Electro 35. Very nice, though.

  2. In my youth, my parents got the idea to have us bid on some of the household chores. They'd keep a record of how well they were done and pay us accordingly. Anyone who really hated a job would bid high to let someone else take it.

  3. Your text-wrapped wristwatch is cool. Did it take major effort to type that or is it simply a talent of yours?

    Amelie is a joy to watch!

  4. @ notagain, hmmm, corporate, yet ingenious.

    @ Ton, it's easy. I lay the watch down on the paper. I trace its outline with a pencil. I type around the outline. I erase the pencil outline when I'm finished typing. I lay the watch down onto the paper. I take a picture. Sencillo, no?