Sunday 21 August 2011

Keys to the Kingdom- Considering a Modification to My Royal QDL. Good or Bad Idea?

No, I'm not planning to attach this lamp to my typewriter. I'm saving it for my smartphone.

What do you all think? How many times can you bend these little prongs back and forth before they snap? I only plan to bend them once.

Despite what you've just read, I do actually know how to spell the word 'decide'.

The Georgia font seems to be the boldest and clearest to read, although I may end up choosing Garamond. But Copperplate Gothic looks so cool.

***I dream lo-tech took a better photo of typecast-with-stapler.***

So have I covered everything? Have any of you tried this kind of modification and was it successful? I know that Robert Messenger has changed the keytops on an old '30s Royal Portable and he got very good results. But he's a master with these things. I'm a novice. Is there anything I should be wary of?  Or should I just sober up and get on with my life?
I figure that I really only get one chance to do this properly.

All opinions welcome.
Thanks for reading!