Monday 14 May 2012



Don't have a typewriter? Or just plain lazy? Act now and you'll receive this De Luxe version of the TYPEWRITER INSURGENCY card, already typed up on a vintage Olympia and hand perforated for easy tear-off. Yours free to print off as many copies as you like. (Yeah, I know the third one shows 'typewriter' as two separate words, but the cops were knockin' on my door and I had to type fast.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you all see the harmless fun in this...unless it all gets out of hand. In which case, I don't know you, pal.
Still, it's not like we're flash-mobbing or planking. Those were just plain annoying.

Sunday 13 May 2012

First Year in the Typosphere

I love the little tag attached to the handle. The typewriter itself is in pretty good condition. I think it's a 1947 model.

The Hermes case itself was worth the ten bucks that I spent. Dig that travel sticker.

Gotta see if I can paint that logo badge.


I didn't wanna deal with a key-chopper, but I really wanted to get my first QDL looking as good as it could. Rest assured, none of these will ever wind up as jewellery.

Saved from being made into some kind of Steampunk necklace.

I'll be writing up a review on this beauty sometime soon. I've already started it on my laptop, but I think it'll be better suited to being typecast instead. Like I don't have enough to do already.