Monday 14 May 2012



Don't have a typewriter? Or just plain lazy? Act now and you'll receive this De Luxe version of the TYPEWRITER INSURGENCY card, already typed up on a vintage Olympia and hand perforated for easy tear-off. Yours free to print off as many copies as you like. (Yeah, I know the third one shows 'typewriter' as two separate words, but the cops were knockin' on my door and I had to type fast.)

Thanks for reading and I hope you all see the harmless fun in this...unless it all gets out of hand. In which case, I don't know you, pal.
Still, it's not like we're flash-mobbing or planking. Those were just plain annoying.


  1. Instead of using an exacto knife, one might perforate it with a sewing machine - or with the o-Key of my rock-hard Hermes Media.

  2. Oh yes, the Apple store is ripe for such mayhem. (I'm typing this on a MacBook Pro, and will choose a Mac over any PC any day, but we can't allow ourselves to get slavish.)

    I don't see any illegality in leaving typewritten manifestos around -- what we're violating is the unwritten law of conformity and "progress" worship.


    (I brought you to exactly 18000 pageviews!)

    1. Richard, when I read your comment, I thought about wrapping these manifestos around platens in the Apple store - and then realised there aren't any platens in any Apple store. Not yet.

    2. Richard, what's the bet that Apple stores have ink detection software in the Air conditioning? I probably wouldn't stand a chance.
      APPLE STORE STAFF-MEMBER; "Grab him, he's got a pen!!!"
      I love Apple products, I just don't want to run my life with them.
      Thanks, by the way, for ratcheting my pageviews up to 18K. Your free TYPEWRITER INSURGENCY card is in the mail.

    3. Yeah, the people in these temples of computerdom won't even give you a paper receipt, and they type really fast on their ridiculous little iPhone keyboards ...

      Now I want more than ever to infiltrate one of their domains!

    4. I'd love to do it, but all an Apple store staffmember would have to do is Google Typewriter Insurgency and this post of mine comes up third or fourth on the list, dammit! If I'm lucky, I'd get a visit from a couple of goombahs courtesy of Apple. If I'm unlucky, Apple's team of nuclear-powered lawyers will sue the next 12 generations of the Teeritz clan.

  3. I like this approach. The slips of paper are not self-adhesive like all of the Priority Mail sticker graffiti showing up in the U.S. And a slip of paper is much more subtle than a swarm of up-armored flying Oliver 99s. Just sayin'.

  4. Actually, 'Type Writer' was originally written as two words and if that was good enough for Sholes and Glidden, it should be good enough for us! There never was any rhyme or reason for changing it to one word.