Sunday, 13 May 2012

First Year in the Typosphere

I love the little tag attached to the handle. The typewriter itself is in pretty good condition. I think it's a 1947 model.

The Hermes case itself was worth the ten bucks that I spent. Dig that travel sticker.

Gotta see if I can paint that logo badge.


I didn't wanna deal with a key-chopper, but I really wanted to get my first QDL looking as good as it could. Rest assured, none of these will ever wind up as jewellery.

Saved from being made into some kind of Steampunk necklace.

I'll be writing up a review on this beauty sometime soon. I've already started it on my laptop, but I think it'll be better suited to being typecast instead. Like I don't have enough to do already.


  1. Happy First Anniversary. I think I missed mine back in the depths of a grim winter. Have also had a bad cold - man flu - grim - but on the mend now. Wrap up warm, stay out of draughts and don't deny yourself whisky, lemon and honey on occasion :-)

    1. I've been guzzling down hot water with honey and lemon, but I haven't added any whisky to it. Been taking some medication. Don't want to tempt fate. Once I'm on the mend, I think a shot or two of whisky should do the trick. Take care, Rob!

  2. Congratulations on the First and Happy Anniversary! You have some very nice machines. I too, have purchased keys on Ebay; to repair machines. I despise the key chopper jewellery makers. Taking a non-repairable machine apart for parts to keep others working is fine. The other stuff NO!

    I do know one typosphereian (Steampunker?), Well like me likes Steampunk, but not the typewriter jewellery making. Check out the Society for Ethical Treatment of Typewriters.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    (I celebrated my 1st anniversary of my return to typewriters last month.)

    Thanks for saving those keys! That's a pleasant piece of news in the world this morning.

    Your mention of typewriter prices gradually going down as this latest fad fades gives me hope. It seems plausible that Typospherians will keep the flame alive.

    Typewriters have become nearly an obsession with me and I am tempted to be alarmed, but rationalize it into something natural and right.

    Only THIRTEEN typewriters? There's always room for one more!

  4. Congratulations on one year! Myself, I should be writing my post for tomorrow now instead of surfing the Typosphere - there are three celebrations to write about!
    I think that myself, I wouldn't buy typewriter keys - this helps financing one of the world's most cruel businesses!

  5. An excellent first year, happy anniversary! Get that Bond fanfic up! :D

  6. Happy birthday to your blog.

    13? You've got lots of room still!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Keeping the blog running for over a year is an achievement worth celebrating. In looking over Blogspot names, I've found the wreckage of well over 100 abandoned and name squatter blogs. Many earnest blogs winked out of existence well before their anniversary.

    Besides, playing with words and ideas is fun! I've sure enjoyed my 9 month old blog.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Happy anniversary! Keep up the great posts, always a pleasure to read.

  9. Happy first birthday - may you have many more ahead of you! 13 typewriters is nothing- you just need a purpose built shelf (and later room) my friend, besides it's never good to stop at an odd number. Cheers!

  10. Happy Anniversary (Birthday?)! I just got started, but I hope I'll make it to one year as well. Keep up the great posts!