Tuesday 24 July 2012

What Happens When You Use Up 1Gb for Photos on Blogspot?

While I was uploading typecast photos for my previous post, I got the message from Blogger that I had used up my allotted 1Gig for picture storage.
"Well, that's it, Teeritz, ya ran it for just over a year and now it's full. Shut it down", I thought to myself.

I mustn't have read the fine print when I signed up for Blogger, because I knew nothing about a storage limit. And so, I signed up for 25 Gigs of space for $2.49 a month.

Later that day, I began wondering how the rest of you do it. Those of you who've been blogging for years or have blogs that are photo heavy.

Is there some secret meeting place or handshake that I need to know in order to keep posting up pics without paying for the privilege? Or is this it? In retrospect, I suppose Blogger has to eat too.


Thanks for reading.

***typecast on a circa 2008 Lenovo T410***

Saturday 21 July 2012

Typewritten Gift For My Wife...After a Fashion. (Special Thanks to Yves Saint-Laurent)

There have been a few fashion documetaries released in recent years. This one on YSL is similar to "Valentino:The Last Emperor" (2008) in that it focusses just as much on the personal lives of the designers as it does on their work. And as such, we are left with films that are part-fashion history and part-love story. It is a credit to the directors of these films in particular because they treat their subjects with reverence and respect. It would have been all too easy to treat the subject of haute couture fashion with irony and contempt, but that is not what these two documentaries were all about.

It was tricky getting the red and blue ribbons lined up correctly and they didn't turn out as perfectly as I would have liked. Apologies for the poor photo. The red and blue don't show up as vibrantly as they should.
And sorry for all the typos.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Emergency Post! - The Fisher Cap-O-Matic Space Pen

The above is an AG-7, which is similar to the pens used by NASA astronauts. I ain't crazy about the pattern on the barrel of this one.

* Here's Bill's post that inspired me to write this one;


These are the two that I tend to use the most. The steel one is my daily carry, along with whatever fountain pen I feel like using on the day. The brass model bears the scars of a few years of daily use.

The ends of these pens are pretty nice to hold. These ridges make for a nice grip with no slippage. They're not an overly heavy pen, either, which would explain the $12.oo price. A great value-for-money.

Dig that crazy ringed Saturn engraving on the end of the clip!

I opened up the pen after I wrote this. It actually has a Bold refill in it. These days, I tend to get a couple of months out of each refill, since I do a lot of incidental writing throughout the day.
By the way, I agree with some of you who say that Rhodia makes better papers than Moleskine. I made the switch from one to the other a couple of years ago and haven't looked back. While the Moleskines look really cool, they aren't as fountain pen friendly as the Rhodia notepads.

Thanks, all, and my apologies for the poor quality typecast pics.

Monday 9 July 2012

"What'll it be, pal?"- In the Mood For a Drink.

The above is a small 50ml (like in hotel mini-bars) bottle of Jack. It was sitting on my old bookshelf back at my mother's house since around 1991. Time to empty this sucker.

Thanks for reading, all!

EDIT (three hours later) : Ah what the hell, here's the link to the recipe;


Might as well make it easier for y'all.

***typecast on a circa 1955 Remington Quiet-Riter***