Tuesday 24 July 2012

What Happens When You Use Up 1Gb for Photos on Blogspot?

While I was uploading typecast photos for my previous post, I got the message from Blogger that I had used up my allotted 1Gig for picture storage.
"Well, that's it, Teeritz, ya ran it for just over a year and now it's full. Shut it down", I thought to myself.

I mustn't have read the fine print when I signed up for Blogger, because I knew nothing about a storage limit. And so, I signed up for 25 Gigs of space for $2.49 a month.

Later that day, I began wondering how the rest of you do it. Those of you who've been blogging for years or have blogs that are photo heavy.

Is there some secret meeting place or handshake that I need to know in order to keep posting up pics without paying for the privilege? Or is this it? In retrospect, I suppose Blogger has to eat too.


Thanks for reading.

***typecast on a circa 2008 Lenovo T410***


  1. Oh dear! Yet another reason why I have slowed down the pace of my blogging. Just kidding...

    Anyway, here are a few options and I would love for everyone else to chime in as I have been taking quite a haphazard approach:

    Picasa: I have been keeping my photos on here for the most part and linking them on the blog. I think it has a higher capacity than 1gig, and that the space taken up does not count towards your Blogger allocation even though they're both Google products... but I could be wrong.

    Photobucket: Free, seems to have lots of space, and I signed up for an account there and have some of my pictures on there too. Not sure what the limit is but I haven't used it enough. Still, a convenient place to host pics.

    Flickr: Free up to 200 photos, which is quite limited, but then you can add photos to Clemens' group Anablogger Archives, and group photos are still visible even if you are above the limit. I find it quite a lengthy process though so have given up on that. If you're determined you could have different Flickr ids by signing up with different email addresses.

    I think that is all I have tried. Basically a scattershot approach of hosting pictures on various photo sites and linking those on my blog. But I'm sure there is an easier - if not free - way of going about it. Hmm, I wonder if any of the benefits of having my own domain include photo hosting space...

  2. We've had a couple of workarounds. I've found that my Picasa drop box is not full yet, and there's a typosphere Flickr group. Groups get around the individual limits.

  3. For years before I started typecasting, I hosted a website for some friends (still do, but now its more just for family), so I had paid for a web host at GoDaddy. I think its about $4.99 a month, so when I started to typecast, I just created a new folder on my web host and dumped all my images there, linking them through blogspot.

    I'd imagine you can find whatever cheap web host you want and just use the storage space. As other have mentioned, there are a ton of good, free places to host images, but since all you are really concerned about is storage, you don't really care if the images are viewable on said host, just something you can link to.

  4. Most of my images are on a free Photobucket account. They say they have NO storage limits for photos.

  5. Very provocative post -- I never even thought about limits!

    Is there a way to find out what the current photo upload status is on Blogger?

  6. I mostly use flickr and link from blogger to there - but I have a flickr pro account. I am inclined to think that 2.49 a month is actually a fair price.

  7. I passed the magic 1 GB mark months ago. Strangely enough, every photo I have posted on my three Blogger accounts are still there; even the ones that have disappeared from Picasa. Don't ask me why. The lack of an actual crisis has kept me from doing anything.

    However, I am considering paying for a Picasa account for stuff beyond the blogs. I can't find any information on copyright protection, display customization or organization. That is keeping me from pulling the trigger.

    I've been using a premium account at FOTKI for several years and recently paid a five year renewal for what was supposed to be unlimited storage. The sleazes are now holding users hostage for additional money beyond 10 GB of storage. The original files are safe elsewhere, but building collections took time. From my perspective, one advantage of a Google product is that the hosting service may still be around ten years from now. As for the free or cheap services not associated with a tech giant, buyer beware.

  8. As Adwoa mentioned, I use the flickr account. There's a monthly upload limit, but no limit to the actual number of photos the free account can hold. You *must* drop them into a group, though, if you want to find them easily again. Only the most recent 200 photos are in your personal photostream. They've recently changed their upload page, which makes mass-adding to a group (like "Anablogger Archives") much easier to do.

    Since Blogger is part of Google, I *thought* you could use the Google+ photo albums, which I think are also unlimited, though there may be a size limit on photos for free accounts. That would be worth checking out.

  9. That's something I hadn't thought of. Thanks for the heads-up.

  10. I had no idea Blogger had a limit. This is good to know, but I'm sorry you had to find out how you did!

    I've had a photobucket account for years and have over two thousand photos in an album inaccessible to the public unless I link to the images. No storage limit. Unfortunately, the site is more or less incompatible with my current computer; I can upload, but it takes forever, same for viewing and linking, and I cannot edit at all (my computer can't handle flash). I'll soon be retiring the Laptopasaurus, however, so that issue should be resolved. If you have a decent computer, it shouldn't been an issue.