Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Ballpoint Pen No. 1 - The Aurora Model 98, Circa 1974

Normally, I wouldn't go for a gold pen, but this one has a nice design. There's just a hint of black lacquer in the clip, but it looks a little rough. I think it may have broken off during its years in storage. The clip itself is sturdy enough and, to me, that's the main thing.

The ballpoint itself doesn't protrude too far out of the barrel, but this doesn't affect the writing or the angle at which the pen can be held.

The pen writes nicely. The Schneider Office 575 medium blue refill is a great value-for-money. About half the price of other refills. Here's a writing sample, courtesy of Springsteen's Born to Run album;
EDIT: Third line should read "contacts", instead of "contracts". I was working off memory rather than the lyric sheet from the album.

I've been told that this Aurora Model 98 is fairly collectible due to its rarity. In saying that, I've seen some similar pens on eBay that sold for very little.

It's a nice all-round ballpoint pen. Perfect for daily use. Slim and light enough to write with for long periods, and the refills are easy enough to get hold of. Which is all I ask for from a pen.

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  1. Nice post. I like how you illustrate the pen atop fashion magazines. I can relate to what you said about ballpoints, how other people don't respect yours, and how it's difficult to hang onto a nice pen. Last year I lost my Fisher Space Pen, the silver collapsable version. Now, I'm fancying a Zebra model M-101.

    1. Thanks, Joe. The Fisher pens can't be faulted. Dependable and inexpensive. There's a great dealer on eBay called cyber_space_pens. I've always bought my Fishers from them.
      As for hanging onto a pen, I only buy shirts that have a breast pocket. Harder to lose a pen that way.