Thursday 26 December 2013

What Santa Brought Me...With Some Help From My Family.

EDIT: 3/1/2014- Actually, David O. Russell's new film is called "American Hustle", not just "Hustle". Cant believe it took me a week to realise.

Here's my haul. The watch is what I was wearing today. Might as well kill two birds with one stone by taking one of the weekly watch photos.
Here's a close-up of Miss Poindexter's certificate for typing excellence. The signature in red has bled through to the rear of the paper. It looks like a ballpoint on the front, but that can't be right for 1926, can it? The typewritten words have left no imprint on the back of the paper. That means one of two things to me. Either it was (naturally) typed on a machine that had a newish platen OR this certificate is fake. Or maybe somebody found a bunch of blank certificates and filled them in...last year. Suspicious, ain't I? Doesn't matter either way. It still looks neat. A quick Googling shows that Strayer's did indeed exist as a business college.

Here's an example of my daughter's handiwork with the felting kit. Those needles are pretty sharp.

And that's Boxing Day. The family started watching the BluRay of "The Great Gatsby" about 20 minutes ago. My daughter's going through her Leonardo Di Caprio crush. I blame that damn sinking ship movie. 
"Gatsby's" a great film, even though the screenplay didn't use narrator Nick Carraway's beautiful first line from the book. Gorgeous cinematography and lighting. The modern music score bugs me, but that's Baz Lurhmann for you. Can't accuse his films of being predictable.

Have a good one, folks!


  1. Sounds like a fine Christmas.

    The "HMS" looks like it could come from a fountain pen in the scan of the certificate.

  2. Wonderful gifts. We chose lean for this year also as we want to move and I will need a job.
    Best of success in your hunt for work.

  3. Sounds like a nice Christmas. Cute story at the end too.

  4. @ Richard, yes, I think you're right. There is some bleed-through on the other side from the "HMS" red ink.

    @ Bill M, yep, it was a lean year culminating in a lean Christmas. Best of luck to you in your job hunt and your move. Don't lift the heavy stuff. Here's hoping for a kinder 2014 for all.

    @ NA, I've got a book of O.Henry's short stories someplace. He had a gift indeed for ironic storytelling. That story I mentioned was filmed in the 1940s as part of a movie called "O.Henry's Full House". The segment with Ann Baxter in it is heartbreaking. Check it out if you get the chance.

  5. That's a great love story teeritz! <3