Tuesday 3 December 2013

Project 88- I Dropped The Ball.

I got home and busted out the Olympia SM9 before hammering out one final page of the letter to Keith Sharon. I mailed it yesterday (Monday) and he should get it before Christmas. Hopefully, I didn't ramble on too much.
Thanks for reading!
EDIT; the word 'racquet' has a letter 'c' in it. Yes, I'm a Lieutenant in the Spelling Police.


  1. Nice attempt. I had the same problem writing on the bonnet of my car in Charleville, but I was able to take it around to the back of the car and continue.

    I like the idea of your personal typing space next to your desk.

    1. My plan is to use the desk to write with pen, laptop, typewriter, etc, but have the smaller table set up with a typewriter for those times when I'll be too lazy to clear the desk.
      As for typing on the bonnet, I'll have to get myself some big old Detroit like a late '60s Cadillac so that the typewriter will sit level. Although, that would be a tad extreme.

  2. Which typewriter created your first text here? It looks great.

    Letters definitely take more effort than e-mails, and have to be less frequent. That, of course, is what makes them special.

  3. I'm afraid I rambled in my replies, so Keith will be used to it if you did too. Whether or not my letter actually made it into inky print I don't know, but I got a name check in the online version of the OCR. I'm still not sure how I feel about that. Mostly good I think.

  4. Next thing you'll be putting bonnets on the typewriters! ;)

  5. @ Richard P, the typewriter used was the mid Sixties Smith-Corona Galaxie II. Very nice font that looks more like the page from a book rather than a typewriter.

    @ Rob, oh good, I'm not the only one, then.

    @ writelephant, you should check out the Olivetti Studio 42. The ribbon cover lifts up like the bonnet of a 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600. Very European.

  6. Ooh... I'm feeling rather guilty now. Keith told me he never received my letter and I haven't responded to that yet. Must send an e-mail right away!