Sunday 22 May 2011

Groma Kolibri. Man, it's a slim typewriter!

The Groma Kolibri certainly has a low profile. Looks like a normal '50s era typewriter that somebody's let the air out of.

Now, I recall seeing a picture of a Hermes Featherweight in Robert Messenger's book "The Magnificent 5" which shows the typewriter next to a box of matches and it gave me an idea.
So I took a quick snap of the Groma with my iPod Touch.

Yeah, that's pretty slim.


  1. What a great visual!

    I just love these machines, and went on a spree a few years ago buying a dozen different colors and name variants of them. I did my latest typecast on my favorite one, a greenish/silver one (probably the same color as yours).

  2. Thanks, Richard. Yep, mine is the metallic green model. Really nice to type with, but I have to play around with the shift setting because the upper cases hit the page a little faintly towards the upper edges of the letters.