Wednesday 4 May 2011

Wyler Incaflex Hand-Wound, circa 1968(?)

I've been collecting watches for some time now and have accumulated a decent collection of varied brands and designs. However, the watch that means the most to me is this one.

My Dad’s watch, pictured here with his glasses and Gillette Safety razor from 1961. I use the razor, but the glasses...well, they belong to another time. They’d look great on me if I were Peter Sellers or Michael Caine circa 1965.

Dad had this watch on a Spiedel-style expanding bracelet, which I loved because it represented what I thought a grown-up’s watch should look like. I used to see a lot of watches on men’s wrists attached to these expanding straps. Not that I really tended to notice these things when I was a kid. However, as I got older and various uncles and family friends came round on Sunday afternoons and the surface of the laminex-topped dining table became populated with long glasses of Abbott’s Lager or Victoria Bitter and the ashtray filled up with the butts of Viscount and Senior Service cigarettes, I subconsciously noticed the type of wristwatches that these men wore. They were either on leather straps or expanding bracelets.
One thing about these bracelets, though- they can tend to wear away the ends of the lugs just from constant rubbing against them. That’s one thing I’ve noticed on some customer’s watches since I started in this industry.
But about the Wyler, I don’t wear it often because it’s 32mm and even on my 6.5 inch wrist, that’s a tad small. Still, it goes without saying that it’s a keeper. I removed the expanding bracelet in order to preserve the lugs.

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