Friday, 17 October 2014

Fri 17/10/2014 - Very, Very Busy...& This Week'sWristwatches

-Friday 6:11pm AEST-

So much to do. One assignment due next Wednesday, along with a ten-minute presentation...on silverfish. Ten minutes! I could probably cover their entire history and evolution in ten minutes. 
Another assignment due by next Friday, this one requiring quite a bit of hunting around for the answers. The research will take up the bulk of the time. 
Appointment with the tax accountant tomorrow. I normally don't leave it so long to do my return. 
And a bunch of other, niggling little tasks to attend to over the next few weeks.

So...this week's post is a short one. More of a snap-shot really.

Last weekend
                 I have been wearing the rebuilt Seamaster 300. It was on a Kevlar-style strap. I have quite a few watch straps, collected over the years, and I thought it might be time to put one on a watch and leave it on until it wears out;

Here's a tip- when buying a strap for a dive watch, consider one that has contrasting white or cream coloured stitching on it. This can tend to mimic the markers on the dial. It gives the whole look some continuity as well as giving the watch an overall old-school aesthetic. 

              I still wore the SM300, but decided to put a TrueBond NATO strap on it.

So much for keeping a strap on it until it rots. However, a NATO is hard to beat when it comes to comfort. You can sometimes forget that you have a watch on.

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                  Switched to the Omega Railmaster. Busy times coming up. Have a great weekend, all, and thanks for reading!

Man, the layout's all over the place. Started writing it on the iPad and finished it on the laptop. Maybe that had something to do with it.


  1. Blogger layout can be trying at times.

    Those are some nice watches.

    When you find the final absolute way to put an end to silverfish publish it so I can elimintate the pesky critters in my shop.

  2. You had the time to make those excellent photography settings still.
    May your tasks get done with ease (:

  3. I really love that railmaster. Like the lucky strikes too.

  4. Damn... Where did my previous response go?
    Anyway, I just wrote to say 'Blogsy' is your friend your iPad. As well as a keyboard. Blogsy is a very powerful multi-blog manager that allows you to write up your blog in a full markup environment, before loading it up. It has saved my butt on my iPad a few times, along with my sanity - as Blogger's interface is just too archaic and fickle.

    As always, great photos and great watches! I especially like the Ice Station Zebra gear.

  5. @ Bill, I've read that certain types of timber are repellent to silverfish. Another option is to gently roll up a wet newspaper, leave it for a few days, then throw it in the fire. It should be full of silverfish. Not sure if it's a good idea around your ham radio gear. I'll keep investigating. This assignment is due on Wednesday.

    @ Ted, still a tonne of them left to do. Not difficult, just requires a lot of reading.

    @ Anonymous, that Lucky Strike packet dates back to the mid-Eighties. It's empty, of course, but I have no plans to throw away this classic Raymond Loewy package design.

    @ Scott, that scarf was a ten dollar cheapie. I'm pretty certain they didn't get permission to use the title, heh, heh.