Saturday, 8 March 2014

Mildly Inspired.

Posted this up on a watch forum yesterday. Figured I'd put it here for my own posterity, and to make it easier for me to find in 20 years.

My wife and daughter sat down to watch "How To Marry A Millionaire" (Dir: Jean Negulesco, 1953) last night and I watched a little bit of it. Despite the incomparable Marilyn Monroe starring in this film , I was more captivated by Lauren Bacall.

 Still taken from (from "The Big Sleep", Dir: Howard Hawks, 1946)

And then I remembered a picture that I took earlier in the week;

"The tape recorder jammed about half-way through the interview. Miss Bacall had had enough by this stage and she told me so in no uncertain terms. That was it. 'Party's over, curly. Maybe we'll try this again when your training wheels come off', she said, before slipping on her sunglasses and heading for the door. I didn't even get a picture. My Editor's gonna be pissed. 
AND she finished all my cigarettes.
Still a class act, though."

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've had a crush on Bacall forever!

  2. Lauren over Marilyn any day!

  3. oooh, an OM1? Just picked up one of those not long ago, I'm liking having all the important controls right there on the lens barrel. Very neat photo! (:

  4. I'm in the Lauren over Marilyn camp also. and nice camera and watch.

  5. @ Richard, Bill and NotAgain, yep, Miss Bacall is the Real Deal. When I first started going out (dating) with my wife, I detected a Bacallesque vibe. "Good", I recall thinking. I may be a Bond fan, but I don't go for damsels in distress. Too much work.

    @ Ted, even better, it's an OM-2n. I had one back in 1981 and stupidly sold it. I'll be holding on to this one, that's for sure. Might even pick up a spare one in all-black, like the one I used to have.

  6. How can you not prefer Norma Jean? ;)

  7. Thanks for posting!
    Just the quip for Bacall. This made me remember coming across a radio-play by Bogart and Bacall on radio (well, Shoutcast) and made me now go and seek out and download some to listen to Bold Venture on the Archive :)