Monday 24 March 2014

Anybody Else Experiencing Niggling Little Issues With Blogger At The Moment?

I noticed about a week ago that the titles to my categories of other blogs have gone missing. You know, the "24 Frames per Second", "Spies, Private Eyes, and Other Tough Guys, etc", and all the other titles that specify the subjects of the other blogs listed to the right of your screens. 
And yesterday, after writing up and posting the Timothy Dalton post, I found that it's the only post that appears on the main page, despite the fact that my settings show that I can list up to seven posts on the main page. 
Could just be a glitch that happens on Blogger from time to time. And it'll probably get sorted out in time.
Just a little annoying. 
Other than that, Blogger works great!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Hmm, looks like I spoke too soon. The titles are back up. Yay!

  2. I think there's some changes being made. I've noticed interesting things happening with images, and content formatting. I call this 'Changing the matrix' - after the scene from the film where Neo sees a glitch, that lets the others know that something drastic is being changed that they hadn't seen. It is the kind of thing that happens on Facebook all the time.

    The rate of odd events of late has led me to believe that there is indeed something going on. I personally suspect Google is looking at a way of integrating blogger into their Google+ Social networking facility, being that Blogger has more users, content and activity than Google+.

    1. And here I am, thinking of scaling back from Google+, since I joined up to it without knowing.

    2. Hell, where are my manners? Thanks, Scott! Hope you and Miss J are well.

  3. I've not noticed anything unusual from the USA.

    Ah, Google+. I signed onto that a long time ago. I do not recall ever using it after that.

  4. Blogger is nightmare and dream in equal measure. I spent an hour recently trying to make a right-size button for a sidebar (just an image with a link) which contained the link word because I didn't want it in default sidebar font above the image. The only way of doing it was to have something in the title, just a full stop, anything. But that screwed the spacing up to my eyes and dropped other content down the page (where casual eyes never venture) so my solution was to use the html gadget, embed a hyperlinked image or the correct size and hey presto - it works. The image can be animated, too but it has to be hosted somewhere like a public Dropbox folder or your own server space if you have that luxury. And another thing, I always thought I was clever having deployed an html workaround to remove the blogger nav bar at the top of the screen. You just paste a little code into the stylesheet. This is useful if you are using a custom domain and providing a low-cost website provision service (as I sometimes do) but then a new job came up for just such a site and now there's a "Navbar" checkbox in the layout pane and all the html code is bundled up in folders, presumably to slow people down who want to play. Blogger is still a very good tool for people who want a website, have little to spare and need to be able to take control themselves. I met a client with a Wordpress solution who was in tears trying to make sense of its content management tools - another plus for simple ol' Blogger.

  5. I had the same issue and made several frustrating attempts to deal with it, but the titles are back of their own accord now. Argh, I say. Argh.