Saturday 5 October 2013

Smith-Corona Galaxie II Instruction Leaflet and Other Typewriter-Related Literature

(Copyright, Smith-Corona Corporation, 1960-something. I'm currently studying Copyright Legislation, so attribution is important.)

      To the left of the 'Printed in U.S.A. on the bottom right of the rear page, there's a little circle with 'M-6-65' printed on it. Publication month and year of the instruction manual, maybe?

On the flip-side of most of these exercises are examples of handwritten letters and documents to copy out via typewriter.

ABOVE- I don't know about the rest of you, but this is how I plan to type out addresses from now on. So simple, so very cool.

Just one of the half-dozen typewriters listed in the last few pages. They even included a Bar-Lock model.
There's a lot in this book, folks, and I'm not sure how much of it would still be relevant today in this age of poor spelling, e-mails-with-everything-in-lower-case, mobile phone text-speak (with even worse spelling than normal), and other digital laziness that runs rampant over the internet, but it's still important (I feel) to at least make an effort with your writing.
Thanks for reading!
Daylight saving kicked in at 2:00am this morning. Caught us all off-guard, so we lost an hour of the day. My wife's back at work tomorrow, the kids go back to school, and my classes resume on Tuesday. Party's over...for a while.
Oh hey, my wife and I are celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary today! How the years fly by. We met back in '94. It's been grand ever since.


  1. Happy anniversary!

    That IS a very attractive way to type addresses. The US postal service asks everyone to TYPE THE ADDRESS IN ALL CAPS WITH NO PUNCTUATION but that is so robotic that I never do it, and never have a problem.

  2. Wow, seventeen years, cheers to you and your wife!

  3. Thanks for the great manual scans, and happy 17th anniversary! (:

  4. Thank you for posting the manual!