Thursday 10 October 2013

Friday, 11/10/2013 - Today's Wristwatch.

Okay, it's 10:08am Friday morning where I am right now, so I might as well start.

On a watch forum that I visit regularly, somebody will pose the question "What watch are you wearing today?" This thread is normally posted up on Fridays, hence it's become known as the "Friday watch Thread".
However, in the last couple of years, this forum has evolved to the point where someone will ask the question almost every day. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but for me, it kind of takes the "Fridays like clockwork, without fail" nature out of it. Once it gets done all the time, it no longer becomes a ritual, merely routine. As far as I'm concerned.
Not only that, but I found that I tended to go to a bit of trouble with my photos, setting up the shots just right, and spending time writing a quick wrap-up of events (if any) that occurred in my life that day or week.
The Tissot Visodate review that I wrote celebrated its third anniversary yesterday (Oct 10th) and, at the time of writing, has had 277,116 hits so far.
Now, here I am, with a perfectly suitable blog of my own, and I thought that if I spend so much effort on writing these forum posts, perhaps I should post my Friday watch update here instead, with just a much shorter post on the watch forum. May as well do the work for here instead of there.
And so, here's the first one. Ideally, this will be a weekly thing, done on a Friday afternoon or evening (AEST), unless I'm super-busy, in which case, it will appear sometime on Saturday. That's the plan, anyway.
Based on the stats of this blog, it appears I'm getting plenty of traffic from folks who want to read about wristwatches and, since watches are my main hobby/passion, etc (there's no word that really captures it. Much more than a hobby, slightly less than a passion, perhaps somewhere in between. Passion is reserved for life-or-death matters. And love.), I figure I'm happy to write about them whenever I feel inspired to.
And so, here is my first attempt at a "What watch I'm wearing today" post, although I'm bound to cover the wristwatches that I've worn all week. There may be instances where I've had the same watch on for seven days straight, but I usually tend to change watches according to what I'm doing that day or whatever mood I'm in. I read a quote by singer John Mayer, who is a watch collector and is extremely knowledgeable about vintage pieces, especially Rolex, and he mentioned that he brings four or five watches with him whenever he goes on tour. When it's time to choose a watch to wear for the day, he thinks to himself; "Who do I want to be today?"
And that's how it is for me. Certain watches create a particular mood once I put them on. My circa 1962 Seamaster is the watch I'll wear when I have a lot of household admin tasks to tackle (like paying bills and doing banking. I'm old-school. I prefer to do this stuff for real rather than over the net) and I wear the type of watch that people wore when this was the only way to pay a bill or deposit money into a bank account.
The post title will remain the same each week, I guess. Only the date will change, obviously (and we write our dates as day, month and year here in Australia, so this is NOT November 10th).
And there will be weeks where the same watch is seen. It's not like I have a watch for every week of the year (Good God!), but hopefully, the photos will always be different and will usually relate to happenings in my life that week.
Anyway, here goes.
Last Saturday...

Not just any ordinary shirt, no. She had to lie down on my SuperDry, my favourite shirt. Wherever the sun shines, she is there. I began the weekend wearing my Omega Planet Ocean 42mm. For my 6.5 inch wrist, it's a perfect size for a sports/dive watch.

We walked to a nearby Nandos for dinner last Sunday night to celebrate our 17th Wedding Anniversary. Yes, it was hardly glam, but my wife and I were feeling tired and it was nice to take a break from cooking and doing dishes. Seventeen years have flown by, especially once the kids came along, and it's all been wonderful, with it's fair share of highs and lows that life tends to throw at you at times, just to keep things interesting.
I was aiming for a bokkeh effect with my camera, so I ramped up the "Blur Background" setting all the way to eleven! Too bad I didn't get a shot of the Planet Ocean front-on.

Had to get my Copyright assignment finished before I continue with the other two that are due at the end of the month. By the time I was almost done, I was sick of looking at a computer screen, so I answered the final question with the Olympia SM9*. That ought to raise a few eyebrows. Although, I'm hoping that my lecturer will be swept along by the nostalgia of seeing typewritten text, perhaps for the first time in a very long time.

Yesterday, I went to see a man about some work, but I'm not certain if our schedules will mesh. I took off the Planet Ocean and decided to wear something a little more business-like and straight-forward. Something no-nonsense. The 36mm Omega Aqua Terra Co-Axial. Took me three years to get this watch (long story, to do with the Tax Man). Well worth the wait. A modern classic.

And, every now and then, I get a lucky shot. Photo taken on the dining room table with the kitchen light left on. It's an older photo, but it shows the detail of the dial.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

*Yes, the Smith-Corona Galaxie II is in the photo, and I had planned to use that typewriter, but I changed my mind just before I sat down to write. Hadn't used the SM9 for some time and man, what a beautiful machine it is!


  1. A very nice post, Teeritz. I always enjoy your watch posts, and I think a once weekly 'What Watch...' post will be a treat to everyone who visits your blog. I'm really behind in my blog, if you haven't noticed, but I have plenty of watches that I'd like to share aswell.

    Now, please reassure me that you hung your Planet Ocean to the side (in your second picture) purely for the photo! Ha!

    1. I assumed that you'd been busy with other stuff, Ken, and that's why we hadn't seen much of you. No matter. The Typosphere's right where you left it.
      I hope you've been careful with your watch purchases, Ken. It can be a slippery slope.
      The Planet Ocean rolled over to the outer edge of my wrist in that pic. I do admit that it wears slightly loose on me at the moment. That was an awkward picture to take, trying to press the shutter release with my right hand, hence the lousy angle of the watch dial.
      That's okay.
      Next time...

  2. Very nice post. I've got interest in learning more about vintage pocket watches. Know of any good resources?

    1. The vintage and pocket watch forum over on watchuseek is a good place to start.
      Many of the members there are into pocket watches. I've always been partial to the Hamilton 92B myself.

  3. That's the funny thing about cats. They know what is comfortable for you, and they make it comfortable for them.

    Love you teledex by the way. I think the closest I could get to this, would be my 'Friday typewriter', or maybe my Friday shoes. But that's a different story.

    1. Yes, Madame tries to hop onto my lap when I sit down to put on a pair of shoes.
      That Teledex cost me 2 bucks, but it didn't have the spring that holds the insert in place. Bought another one for fifteen dollars that DID have the spring in it and then went to Officeworks and bought the last TWO inserts they had left in stock. Loaded one into the red Teledex and have kept the other as a blank spare that I will scan into my computer so that I can print out copies onto card paper as the need arises. Pain in the neck just to get a working Teledex that reminds me of my childhood.
      One man's struggle to stay in the 20th Century.
      Hmm, sounds like a post idea.

  4. aww, you got spammed, Territz :D
    Vigilance, brother!

    1. Yeah, I was gonna leave it up because I applaud his creativity, but I think I'll remove it. Maybe he really does wear a pocket watch while motorbike racing, but that is surely a recipe for disaster.

  5. Love these posts. I will have to enjoy fine watches vicariously, but I like my Timex Electric Dynabeat for everyday use.

    1. Don't forget that great Seamaster that you have, NA. A keeper, for sure.