Sunday 28 December 2014

Monday, December 29th, 12:27pm - Year's Almost Done.

Aims for 2015, 'cos you don't really do resolutions, do ya?;

- a little more creative writing. Get into a routine of some kind.
- a little healthier. Overall toning up as you race towards fifty. Back could do with some strengthening. Your core strength is near zero. 
- sell a few wristwatches that don't get worn very often. 
- sell a camera or two, since you find some better to use than others.
- sell a couple of typewriters for the same reason as the cameras.
- less time spent on the 'net. There's a lot of distracting crap out there. 
 - read more. Actual books, made of paper.

Current distractions;

- wristwatches
- pens (ink & ballpoint)
- cameras
- typewriters
- internet (that's the Big One)

Maybe what you need, buddy, is a schedule that you can stick to;

Monday - Write (1 hr, unless you're on a roll, in which case, do 2 hours or more)

Tuesday - TV (maybe a DVD, given all the CSI, Big Bang Theory and reality stuff that's on. You don't really dig Big Brother, MasterChef, My Kitchen Rules, The Block or the dreaded Pawn Stars and BlokesWorld)

Wednesday - Write/ Research (via Web) if required. Need I remind you not to get distracted?
Thursday - Write. 

Friday - TV 

Saturday - Lolly Nite Movie with the family.

Sunday - Write

That's the plan. The reality may something else entirely. 
Worth a shot, though. Remember when you began that script years ago? Took you about a week to write the first three pages. Then you wrote two more the next day. By then, you were in the groove and you churned out another 25 pages over the next two weeks. 
You gotta get back into that kind of mind-set.


  1. I like the typecast, nice ribbon color.

  2. Good thing to prioritize your time. Blocking out TV always is a good one. It's so easy to go to, but so very time consuming!

  3. There's really not much on TV these days that's worth watching. I recall when we only had five TV channels to choose from and there was more choice. Now, there are about 16 free-to-air channels and there are fewer programs worth watching.
    The internet is a bigger distraction for me. I think it may be wise to have one day a week where the modem stays switched off.

  4. Ahhhh... All the best with selling your place. I'm just about to move into a new place here, and no longer share with family peeps, so when you've got some time perhaps we'll catch up in the new year.

    Good to see you have a plan!

    1. Will do, Scott.
      As for the plan, we'll just have to wait and see if it works in practice.
      Have a great New Year too!