Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Typewriter Collection No.2: Remington Remette, circa 1938

Here it is in glorious WideScreen. A real work-horse.

The font is still in pretty good condition and the spackle paint-job is crisp.

The type-bars are reasonably clean and none of them stick. Mind you, I did take this machine to my guy Tom who gave it the spa treatment.

This is a bare bones, Depression-era typewriter and it's definitely lacking all the bells (literally) and whistles that you would normally find on a portable. No TAB key on this one, either. No matter.

Not exactly designed for writing long documents (IMHO), it is nonetheless a nice typewriter to use. It does work like an old farm tractor, though.
This machine is solid to use, but the lack of basic conveniences (like a bell) means that I'll probably use it more for jotting down notes. It would make a nice entrance-hall typewriter for guests to tell you what they really think of you before they leave.

I must say that the relative rarity of this machine was another reason for purchasing.
And given how light this is to hold, it's a great machine for when inspiration strikes and you just need to get it down on paper faster than your handwriting will allow. Assuming you don't already have a typewriter sitting on a desk waiting.

I like the fact that this machine is smaller than my others, except the stick-thin, Supermodelesque Groma Kolibri, because it helps give my small collection a little variety. And I also like to think that the Remette is a classic model of the Remington brand.

Yessiree, Bob, it's a nice little typer.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love this machine, teeritz! Another handsome typewriter befitting an advanced collector ( :

    Great cosmetic condition. And lots of character, Depression era charm indeed. Interesting that it's also almost gothic-looking, I can almost see it in silent horror films of the era like "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." So how about Mr Hyde delivering this machine instead of Myrna Loy? Lol!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your collection!

  2. Looks nice and shiny, and handsome in a no-nonsense way. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is late, but I was glad to be of service to you. Thanks for the kind remarks about your experience in purchasing my typewriter ribbons. - Tony Casillo

    1. Not at all, TC. You came to my rescue back then. If it wasn't for you, this typewriter would have just been a paperweight.