Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Mystery typewriter in this picture, but more importantly, Happy B'Day to my lady wife!

Here's a picture taken from a GANT menswear catalogue from about five years ago. I liked this catalogue because it told a story of two guys travelling through Marrakech looking well-dressed and lugging a typewriter around, along with a Leica M Series camera.
I'm a sucker for aspirational advertising.
Anyway, being no expert, I can't tell what type of err...typewriter this 'writer' is typing on. Phew!
Here's the pic.

Picture courtesy of GANT.

So, can anybody place it? Yes? No? Here's a close-up.

Picture courtesy of GANT.

And here's the only other photo of it...with a Birthday greeting plastered over the model's face.

Picture courtesy of GANT.

I'm no expert, but could it be an Alpina?

P.S.- Happy Birthday, honey!


  1. That's a '50s Rooy midsize portable from France. Compare this photo. These are Sta-Puf round. I'd like to get one someday.

    Happy birthday to your tolerant better half.

  2. Thanks, Richard! Yes, this Rooy does look a little bloated.
    And thank-you for the kind birthday wishes.