Sunday 10 September 2017

Sunday 10/9/17 - Recent Wristwatches

I've bought up a few different Rolling Stones bumper stickers from various eBay sellers lately. The first seller was selling reproductions that he had printed himself. I say this because the shade of red seen in the Stones tongue logo was a little too pale compared to the real thing. And the sticker arrived in a plain white envelope. I was going to leave negative feedback, but decided not to leave feedback at all. 
The next seller covered up the fact that he was selling 'removable' stickers. He didn't mention this in his listing, and when I messaged him about this, he told me that "all stickers are removable sooner or later". I left him neutral feedback. He messaged me and sarcastically thanked me for doing so. I explained that I though it odd that he covered up the 'removable stickers' text on the packaging in his listing, and I told him that if he'd like me to retract my neutral feedback, he needs to go through eBay channels and make a request. I will be happy to alter or remove my feedback. 
The third seller stated in his listing that payment via PayPal was accepted and then he sent me a message after I had won the auction to say that he preferred Bank Deposit and he no longer had a PayPal account. 
By now, I was beginning to lament these purchases. They weren't expensive, five or ten bucks for each transaction, but I couldn't help thinking what a struggle and drama it had all become. 
I just wanted a friggin' Stones sticker to put on my car's rear windshield. 
With so many Mazda 3 hatchbacks out there, I want to put a few stickers on the car so that I can distinguish it from other similar cars when I've, for example, parked it at one of those confusing car-parks - like IKEA's- where all exits and entrances look alike. 
- Watches that I've been wearing lately -

The Camy Club-Star, on a Speidel Twist-O-Flex expanding bracelet. This look always gives off an Uncle-in-the-1970s vibe to me. I recall seeing more than a few friends of the family or relatives at weddings who wore this kind of set-up. 
An expanding watch bracelet belongs to a particular era, one where the bathroom cabinet contained a jar of Brylcreem and an ashtray sat on the bedside table. A time when car windows had to be cranked open by hand and the gear stick jutted out of the steering column. 

I wore the Oris Diver SixtyFive for a couple of weeks. This one is such a well-made watch. I've been so impressed with it since I got it last November and I'll have to start writing a review of this piece soon.
Been some time since I wrote a review, but I'm just waiting for the 'hook' for the review to show itself. 
I have one idea kicking around at the moment and I may go with it.

A few months ago, I was considering selling this watch because I wasn't getting much wear out of it. However, I wonder now if perhaps putting it on a leather strap might change it up enough to the point where I might wear it a little more. 
It's certainly a nice watch. Although, it can be difficult to read the time on it in real life. The steel hands can tend to get lost against the glossy black dial. This photo was taken at a slight angle, with a sheet of white paper held over the watch to create a reflection off the steel hands and markers. Believe me, if it were this easy to see all of the time, I'd be wearing it more often. 
Still a nice watch, though.

And that's this installment done and dusted, folks. I'm hoping for some sunnier days coming up over the next few weeks because I have a few items that I'd like to put on eBay and I need to take some sharp photos in good lighting. Spring has begun and my wife and I aim to get this house ship-shape, and that means some serious de-cluttering coming up. And the kids will be helping out a little more this time. 
"There are no passengers on board, only crew", my wife has told them in the past. This time around, we're going to make them believe it. 

Thanks for reading, all, and have a good week!


  1. Nice posting, Tee. I do like them Silent-Supers, great machines and easy to service.

    I too have used Excel a lot to make custom forms and such. Easy to format and resize the cells to suit your need.

    1. Hi Joe! Excel is something I've never used much in previous jobs. I've gotten the hang of formatting, but I haven't had to use the formulas yet.
      The Silent-Super is great to use. The rubber feet are a little too slippery, but that's an easy fix. When I get around to it.