Friday, 17 February 2017

Friday 17/2/17 - Question For UK-based Typewriter Collectors, & This Week's (Dive) Wristwatches.

Ooh, but I'm starting this one late this week. Okay, I'll be brief. There's a fellow watch collector I know who's interested in getting himself a typewriter. I'll call him Horatio. It's as good a name as any. 
I offered Horatio a few suggestions and he seems to have taken a shine on 1950s Smith-Coronas and Olympia SM models. Both of these are rock-solid typers, in my view. 

Now, one thing I couldn't help Horatio with was a) where to perhaps buy one of these in the UK, and b) where to get a typewriter serviced in the UK later on down the track. 
So, I'm asking those of you out there who live in Blighty (or who may not live in Blighty, but may still have an answer) if you know the answers to these questions. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Meanwhile, Horatio, here are the links to my write-ups on my own stable of these machines;

That should keep you busy for a while, heh, heh.

Wristwatch-wise, I wore the circa 1993, heavily modified Seiko 7002 last weekend while doing some (really bad) wood-work;

Monday, I switched over to the Oris Diver Sixty-Five as I commenced my second week as a full-timer in my job. I must say I'm still getting to bed too late in the evenings and then paying for it the next morning. 
Still, it's early days, and my aim is to settle in to a smoother night-time routine so that I can wake up a little sharper in the mornings. I have to say that my internal alarm clock works very well, as I find myself waking up without an alarm clock at either 6:45 or 7:00am. As a former night-owl who used to work in hospitality, I'm pretty impressed by this. 
At one of the last cafes that I worked at back in the early 1990s- finally got out of the industry in 2001-  a customer told me that she could tell I worked mainly in the evenings because I was so pale and had dark shadows under my eyes. 
It was an interesting time of my life, but I don't miss the hours. 

On Wednesday, I switched over to the recently serviced Omega Seamaster 300m. The timekeeping has been pretty good since I had the work done on this watch. It can feel a little snug on the wrist on warm days, but this is nothing that can't be solved by adding a half-link to the bracelet. 
If I can be bothered doing so. 
The design of this watch has dated somewhat, to be sure, but I admire this watch because it's been in production since 1993. Which is no mean feat. 

Yesterday, I felt like switching to another Omega dive watch, the Seamaster 300. Checking this watch right now.....I find that it has gained about 20 seconds over the last two days, which isn't bad. 

I may look into getting this one serviced sometime this year, but I think I'll have to suss out (check out) a few of the watch repairers that I've met over the years to see who's most likely to do good work without charging me an arm and a leg. 
I realise that watch servicing ain't cheap, but I don't want to pay through the nose.  

Okay, so that's this week done. Man, I'm tired!

Thanks for reading, gang, and have a great weekend!

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