Friday, 10 February 2017

Friday 10/2/17 - This Week's Wristwatches (Short Post...Hopefully)

I started full-time hours at my job on Monday, which is great. Of course, this means that I'm now getting home around seven pm, so my free time has shrunk considerably. Welcome back to The Rat Race, Tee. Been a while.
This is no drama. It just means that I'll have to make better use of my time when I'm not at work. So, this blog may take a back-seat for a while, or I may write shorter posts, or I may skip the odd Friday post here and there (tonight was touch & go). 
Anywhere, while I'm here, I best get started. It's already 9:05 pm. 

Started the week wearing the Omega Speedmaster Professional. I've noticed that I tend to wear my sports watches more during the summer months of the year. Usually on a bracelet, since this is the most water-resistant option. Mind you, this Speedmaster is only rated to 50 metres which is considered splash-proof, as far as I'm concerned. Sure, sure, I spoke to plenty of customers over the years who wore their 30 or fifty metre water-resistant watches in all manner of aquatic conditions, but, given what these things cost, I tend to err on the side of caution. I have rinsed this watch under a tap (faucet) on two occasions in the (my God!) ten years that I have had it. 

I was still wearing it on Wednesday. Here it is on a Folio Society edition of Graham Greene's The Quiet American, which I snagged for four bucks from an Op Shop. Somehow, I've managed to pick up five paperback copies of this book over the years, and I haven't read it yet! Now that I have it in hardback, I'll get rid of a couple of the paperbacks.
Also in this picture is an old Rolex catalogue that I got back in 1981 when I seriously began daydreaming about getting a Submariner. 
But that's another story.

Thursday morning, I switched over to the Oris Diver Sixty-Five. Later in the evening, I went along to my optometrist to pick up a pair of old frames that I had fitted with reading lenses. I keep a pair in my bag at work, just in case I need to do some up-close task, but I've recently found that a pair of reading glasses would be handy for when I read in bed. 
So, I dusted off a set of Silhouette frames that I got back around 1990 and had the long-distance lenses swapped out for near-vision ones. 

Now that my hairline is non-existent, compared to how I looked 26 years ago, I wouldn't wear these frames out and about, but they'll be just right for keeping on my bed-side table, ready for use.
I once tried to clean the lenses by using the steam wand of a coffee machine at a cafe where I worked the lunch shift back in '97. I held the frames a little too close to the wand and ended up discolouring them in spots. They've had a whitish tinge in sections now for the last twenty years, but I'm thinking of using a Cape Cod cloth gently on these areas to see if I can bring them back to their black lustre. I really hope I don't mess them up. Considering I just paid to have new lenses fitted. 
I try the old 'test in an inconspicuous area' method first. 

Didn't get as much done at work today as I would have liked. Too many interruptions to my workflow. No matter. Monday will be here before I know it. Still had the Diver Sixty Five on my wrist. 
Gotta make the most of this weekend. I have a few tasks I'd like to tackle. 

Anyway, gang, I hope you all have a safe and pleasant weekend. 

Thanks for reading!

Hmm, 9:35pm. Not bad.


  1. Your hours seem to be time-shifted from mine. I get in at 6 am so my afternoons are more open, but I'm thinking about turning in at the time you're getting home. Hope it all works out well for you.

    1. A six am start time would wear me down after a few months, NA. Kudos to you and those who can do it. After working nights in the hospitality industry for so long, and despite the fact that I got out of that game back in 2001, I'm still more of a night owl than a morning person.