Friday 25 September 2015

Friday 25/9/2015 - This House Is a Mess, The Cat's Going Screwy & This Week's Wristwatch.

- Friday 7:49pm AEST - 

Boxes as far as the eye can see. Every room has them. I forget what's even in half of them. Meanwhile, I don't know where half of my clothing is. Probably still packed away in some garment bag. 
I plan to make some bookshelves. Custom built to my own specifications to accommodate as many books as possible and go as high as I can make them without them toppling down. I'll have to bolt them into the wall to prevent that happening. The real learning curve for me will be using a router to cut dado grooves into the shelves in an effort to make them stronger than just using screws. I'm hoping to make the shelves as narrow as I can so that they don't bite into the room too much. I'll be using dressed pine that's 184mm wide, 19mm thick and 2400mm long. These shelves will be about seven feet tall, which is why they'll have to be bolted to the wall. 
And the best part? I've never used a router in my life. The carpenter's dictum; "Measure twice, cut once", will become a mantra for me. 

               I put on the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean because I hadn't worn it in quite a while and also, I somehow lost track of the days last week. Last Thursday I couldn't, for the life of me, remember what had happened the day before.That has never happened to me before. So, for starters, I thought I'd wear a watch that had a date on it. Here it is with one of my old 1980s printings of a Robert Ludlum thriller. This may have been the first of his books that I ever read. I like Ludlum's books, but man, he loved using italics on almost every page!

               The plumber arrived at around 7:30am. These guys don't mess around. We had the shower-head replaced because we didn't like the 'fairy sprinkle' that the original shower head emitted. Later, I started putting the DVDs out onto their shelves. I think I'm going to need more shelves. Although, I do intend to sift through the collection and weed out some movies that are either obscure enough not to be missed and/or watched ever again (Drillbit Taylor) or too damn average to bother watching to begin with (one of those Ashley Judd 'woman-in-jepoardy' movies that she seemed to churn out in abundance back in the '90s). I was still wearing the Planet Ocean.

          One last trip out to the old house to clear out any remaining items of ours. The garage still had tools and other sundry items that we had to take. I hired a small van for the heavy stuff. As it turned out, I will have to go back one more time to give the lawns one final mow.
Meanwhile, our cat has been cooped up indoors since the fifteenth and it's beginning to get on her tail. When relocating a cat, you're meant to keep them indoors for at least two weeks. That's gonna drive us all crazy! Ah well, I suppose Wednesday will get here when it gets here. Then we can let her out and she can roam around. 

Anyway, I'm absolutely beat. I had a can of Red Bull this afternoon (second one I've ever had in my life) and I don't think it kicked in. Probably better that way. Still had the Planet Ocean on my wrist.

Man, I'm tired. Anyway, thanks for reading and have a good weekend!

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