Wednesday 6 November 2013

Sunset, March 25th, 2013, 7:14pm- No Real Point To This Post, But It's Such A Pleasant Photo.

Like it says in the title, I've no real reason to put this picture up. I took it earlier this year at a park near our house. Summer was winding down for the year, but this was a balmy night. The air was warm, it was still light out, and we had just finished dinner.
My son's Scout Group was meeting at this park to build a raft to put out on the lake. As their Scout Master unloaded equipment from his car, I was standing around with the Olympus EPL-5 in my hands. Mother Nature did the lighting (She has access to a great palette of colours) and I turned around and took this snap.

Untitled No. 4 (thought I'd give it a pretentious and wanky* title, ha, ha!)

The camera's Auto setting was set on f /10, with a shutter speed of 1/320 of a second. Focal length was set at its maximum of 42mm. Exposure compensation was at -0.7 step. It'd be really cool if I knew what that meant.

I've been messing around a little with the Manual settings on this camera lately. What I should do is get a tripod and spend a few hours experimenting a little with it in different settings and such, to really get a handle on photography. I dabbled in it back in the '80s when my school had Pentax K1000s and a dark-room, but never took it further, even though I'd gone out and bought myself an Olympus OM-2n SLR.

Lately, I've read about the new Nikon Df digital SLR that's out on the market and, although it would be a nice camera to get one day, I probably should bone up a little on modern digital photography before I go spending money that I don't have.

The Scout Group finished building a few rafts, using rope, timber and some plastic drums. They set out into the lake and I took a few more snaps as the sun set further to the West.

Of course, some smart-ass started untying the ropes once they were out on the water and within a few minutes, the drums disengaged from the rafts and they fell apart. All of the scouts were laughing as they struggled to the banks of the lake.
Gotta love 'em.

Thanks for reading!

* Wanky

adjective  Brit.   vulgar slang
adjective: wanky
  1. 1.
    contemptible, worthless, or stupid.


  1. I think you do very well with the camera you have. (:

  2. Lovely photo! It brought warm memories of my dad; he used to go upstairs to the roof and snap pictures of the sky and clouds whenever Mother Nature gave him a nice combination of color, light and shadow like this. Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks all, but all I did was stand there and press the shutter release button. Showing my age, there. Are they still called shutter release buttons these days?

  4. That's not a wanky title, that's a non-title. A wanky title would have been something like "Oedipus in his mother's arms". I reckon the camera you have should serve you well unless you want to lug more plastic around. The Df is a pro quality tool though I'm not sure how many pros will be using them. Still, if you can make it pay its way, go for it.

    1. Ha, ha, ha! I've always been kind of partial to "Evolution of a butterfly" nice to know it's still called a shutter release.
      And yes, the Df is nice and retro, but I'm also eyeing the new Olympus OM-DEM1. Pipe dreams for the time being, Rob.

  5. PS: Yep, thankfully they all still have shutters and the button that releases it is the shutter release.

  6. Great shot. Tripods are a must, and learning how to use your camera in Manual is invaluable.

    1. Yeah, Scott, I should get e decent tripod at some point.

  7. Great photo. The title is fine. Glad the Scouts had a good time.
    I have yet to get serious with digital photography. I prefer the old film and cameras.
    One day I dream of at least buying a nice DSLR and a few lenses.

  8. @ Bill M, I'm still keeping a hand in 35mm film. Took my OM2n to a nearby American Muscle Car dealer a snapped away at a gorgeous 1950s Buick Special. Man, that car was longer than my house.

    @ Ton, the colours were indeed amazing.