Thursday, 2 May 2013

This Blog Is Two Years Old!

Another attempt at a letterhead. Or is it a footer?

Here's the Olivetti Lettera 32 photographed with the 'Dramatic' filter setting. 


Here's the first issue of 'Premiere' magazine that I bought in April 1990.

And here's the last issue from April 2007 when this great magazine folded. And I had every issue in between.

The Lettera 32 was my first typewriter. This Olympia SM9 is my latest. I had to wrap up this post as soon as the sun began to shine. There was a fence outside that needed painting.

And the same picture again with the filter set to 'Key Line' to make it look nifty and cartoon-like.

The watch in the picture up above is my circa 1962 Omega Seamaster. No way was I gonna wear this watch while painting.  I had it on one day when I came off my (mountain) bike. Instinctively, I covered the watch with my right hand as I fell.
So, if there's any risk of damage, I tend to switch to this Seiko Automatic (Model No. SKX031). Timekeeping-wise, it's a little bit...'relaxed'. It can gain or lose anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds per day, but these things will run twenty years without necessarily requiring a service. You could probably clamp this watch around a hand-grenade and pull the pin and it will still tick afterwards.

 Thanks for reading over the last couple of years, folks!


  1. Good job on the blog and for persisting two years. It still cracks me up that anyone would bother collecting typewriters - let alone using them. As for the timepieces, the connection is all too clear.

  2. Looking forward to more years of great posts!

  3. Here's to two years! Congratulations. May there be many more great entries.

  4. Congrats on 2 years of great typewriter, watch and film reviews! May you have many more ahead of you (:

  5. Happy blog birthday!

    I like the paper you used in your second typecast. Very nice!

  6. Congratulations! Nice new banner picture.

  7. Congratulations! That filter makes the photos look very interesting, indeed!

  8. Cheers, Teertiz! I dream lo-tech is just a month older than yours.

  9. What editing software do you use to get that filter?

    Congrats on a great blog!

    1. Hi TC, the filter is inbuilt into the camera's settings and you can choose to use any or all of the 12 different settings to produce different effects. The camera is an Olympus EPL-5 Micro four-thirds. I was too scared to go fully digital. No regrets. It's a great camera.