Thursday, 9 May 2013

My SM2 Loses Its Bearing...Or Does It?

Here's the bearing. Anybody have any...uh...'bearing' on where it might belong inside the SM2?

And a cropped close-up, 'cos what's a post without a coupla' pics?

Thanks all!


  1. Not having a SM2 to compare to, only an SM3, I'm only guessing as to what the differences may be. The bearings on the SM3 are about twice the diameter of that, so it looks like the kind of bearing that would be used to hold a component into a position, that could be moved with modest force.
    So, is there a mechanism that was supposed to be held briefly in place? Like... a paper finger? Possibly the bail rail. Outside of that, I can't see anything on my machine that might relate

  2. Just to rule out an alternative, but is it a bearing or a BB? If it's a BB, close examination might reveal an uneven surface, with some sort of molding marks, whereas a true ball bearing should be very smooth with no visible surface blemishes.

  3. I'm with Scott here. If it is even from the typewriter at all (not certain?) then it is likely a detent ball, used to hold the position of a lever, like the line feed selector or the bail rail, against vibration, gravity, or accidental bumping. Such balls are often held against the lever by a flat spring and if the screw holding the spring becomes loose, the ball can fall out. Have any levers that seem too easy to move?

    That's a fantastic pointing gesture, BTW.

    == Michael Höhne

  4. Detent! That was the word I was looking for. I keep forgetting that word (I just asked for a detent roller elsewhere, and called it something pretty stupid.

  5. @ Joe V, it's a smooth small steel ball. As Scott and Michael have suggested, I think it may be a detent (day-tont, if we're sticking with the French phonetic pronunciation) bearing, but I can't find any mechanism or part of the typewriter that isn't working how it should.

    @ Michael & Scott K, yes, I daresay you may be right about it being a spring-held bearing of some kind. I might sit down and look for loose screws on this typewriter to see if it belongs somewhere.

    Thanks to you all for your imput.

  6. Could be the Ball Bearing Fairy just paid you a visit. I found a purposeful looking nut in the case of a Good Companion 5. Search as I might, I couldn't see where it was from. I guess the next owner will have the same frustration.

  7. Yes, the typewriter appears to be working as it should. Who knows, maybe it fell into the typewriter's innards before I owned it.

    1. that's a good possibility, if it was in a shop the bearing may have dropped into it from another machine.