Wednesday 6 February 2013

Next Life, I'm Coming Back As A Cat

Here she is, not a care in the world. How dare I disturb Her Ladyship!

Hang on, here's an overhead view, which illustrates her total disregard for my wife's attempts to beautify our front porch;

She couldn't care less. And it shows. Man, I'd end up in traction if I slept like that for even a minute.

Here's a shot of the fox, taken last Sunday morning;

"Sure, teeritz, yeah, I can see a fox in that picture."
New camera or not, I wasn't planning on getting too close to these animals. I did say to the kids; "We should stalk it."
Then I though to myself; "And then what, smart-ass?"
Okay, let me just crop it a little for ya;

Very beautiful looking creatures, but if they're out in daylight like this, they may be a little too desperate for food and I have no intention of letting my cat wind up on the menu. And around a year from now, that fence will be coming down. Oh, what fun.
And, about fifteen minutes ago, as I waited for a photo to upload to this post, I looked out the window across the field and there was the fox, out again, looking towards the ground.

But not to end this post on a downer, here's a pic of the watch I wore today. After Madame came in and took up her mid-afternoon sleeping spot.

Thanks for reading!

* My wife and I aren't really planning to strangle the cat.


  1. From the cat's POV, she found HER perfect spot for afternoon naps, or it would be perfect if not for that darn stick in the middle!

  2. Not much of a cat fancier but I do want to steal your Longines watch!

  3. She looks rather comfortable in that pot, doesn't she? Manny (my bengal/tabby) loves to EAT any plants we bring into the house. I suppose this is because Leila thought it would be a good idea to get a fresh catnip plant for him when he was a now, he just eats any plants/flowers within leaping distance.

    A nice watch there, by the way. A nice, vintage look.

  4. Yeah, it is a pretty good life. Kinda jealous...

  5. Ah!

    I lived in Tullamarine some time back, and the foxes around the airport were quite adventurous creatures. One of the cats we had ended up having a fight with one and came away looking pretty worse for wear.

    Alex, my big Tom that had lived in all kinds of places, often seemed to scare the foxes more than anything. Never had a cat killed by a fox though. There's always been enough dogs in the neighborhood for them to learn from pretty quickly while they have been exploring.