Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Handwriting, Typewriter Case Handles, Movies; Yes, This Post Rambles All Over The Place.

I thought a little more about handwriting, after my post last week;


 And then I read Adwoa's wonderful post the other day, followed by Nat's great post on her own handwriting and felt that I still had a little more to say about my own. And my Father's.
And then this post went off on a tangent and who was I to stop it?

My Dad's weapon of choice. Probably because that's pretty much all that we had in the house. 

Hey, I never said I could sew. Here's the finished product. It's holding up well, so far.

Laugh all you want. I was a kid. That's my excuse. And in case you're wondering, the yellow guy on the cover is an Oscar statuette. How can you not tell?

That's the first page of letter A. The little black squares make it easier to count each title. 


  1. I wish I had a book like that with a little record of my handwriting (and kid interests). It's interesting to see how your handwriting evolved. The handle for the Royal case is pretty cool with its worn look that seems to fit the case to a T.

  2. I love those airmail envelopes too.
    You've got me wondering furiously about your dad's wonderful name. Nizzoli ... Nettuno ... nessuno ... ?
    Fine job on the handle, and I bet your dad would be pleased.
    It's wonderful that you're still adding to a notebook that you started in the '70s.
    All told: great ramble!

  3. Sorry to hear about your Dad, I'm sure he'll be proud (or mad like some Italians get) about re-using his belt for the handle.

    My brain is not handling how awesome that idea is right now XD
    Great post!!!

  4. @ inkleaves, thank-you, although my writing tends to DE-volve on most days.

    @ Richard and Nat, yes, I think my Dad would have been pleased about the re-use of the belt for another purpose.

  5. Saw all the movies you listed. Thank you for attaching the link when you replied on my blog (Typeoh)... Very interesting and fun to read.