Tuesday 29 November 2011

Blogger pictures- Why don't they show up like they used to?

Short and to the point. Not having a dig at Blogger, by the way. I just can't figure out why the change in viewing photos has occurred. Wow, another badly constructed sentence!

Thanks, all.


  1. I've not had any problems with your blog or others. I do have some issues with mine, blogger related to gadgets. Nothing major. I'm reviewing the page code to see if I can edit it. I run Linux and FireFox or Opera so I am not much help on micro$soft products. I could go on with my anti micro$oft tirade, but I will spare you and all the typecasters the grief and will not. Your post looks fine and it opens in a new window with the thumbnail and large image.

  2. Thanks for the quick reply, Bill. And yes, when I view it, it also opens up with a slightly larger image and the thumbnail below, but it used to just open up with a smaller version of the photo which would enlarge to fill the screen when I'd click on it. Nowadays, unless the original picture is already posted in the 'extra-large' size (which spills outside of the blog area to cover the Blog List on the right side of the screen. It looks messy.), I wind up with a smaller picture of a typecast page that is unreadable because it's too small.

  3. You mean the lightbox view with the black background? You may turn it off via Settings-Formatting-Lightbox.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Just a guess but by your description it sounds like you have the Picasa photo editor installed. If you don't otherwise use it you can probably just remove it from your list of installed programs.

    Keep us posted on this, and good luck!


  5. As a website building tool, Blogger is ace. I have tried wrangling other, less forthcoming platforms and "proper" websites would generally be more "stable". The big BUT is, Blogger is SO easy with which to build websites - its foibles are worth living with and working around. Your site looks great to me and although I'm not keen on the lightbox appearance I seem to get - it doesn't bother me enough to try to switch it off. And my life's to short to code :-)

    Alongside my regular job, I used to be an IT 'caretaker'. The bloke in the office who didn't necessarily know how to fix your problem, but knew where to go to get it fixed. I got endless grief about e-mails, inboxes and attachments. I ended up with a stock response. "Don't come to me complaining something doesn't work - just be extremely grateful when it does." Is that harsh?

    While I'm here, I also had a response to the oft' heard "Why can't we do this [or that] on the website?" which was, "We can, but only if you spend as much time on your content as we'd have to spend making it look the way the want it."

    You have great content - that's the vitally important thing.

    Did I jst say "Stop whining" in a round-about way? Sorry, that wasn't at all the intention!

  6. ...what I meant to say was "count your blessings."

  7. @ maschinengeschrieben, A HUGE THANK-YOU!!! Your suggestion solved the problem. I don't know how the formatting change was made in the first place, but I can now post A4-sized typecasts that can once again be enlarged to a legible size. Danke schoen, mein freund!

    @ Eric, I can't recall if I had the Picasa editor loaded. Thanks for the suggestion. I was ready to try anything. Even voodoo.

    @ Rob, I agree that Blogger is easy and friendly to use. I just couldn't figure out what caused the change in my picture viewing. I am proud to admit, however, that I have never uttered the words "Why doesn't this stupid computer/website/program work properly??!!" I guess that's something.
    And thanks for you comments regarding my content. I just wanted to make sure that it was easily readable.
    Thanks to you all for your replies!

  8. teeritz, no problem. "Gerne geschehen".
    A number of blogs "enjoyed" that new feature a few weeks ago, me included, but then suddenly blogger has redone the change. Confusing that it appeared now here.