Saturday 10 September 2016

Friday 9/9/2016 - I Need Sleep & This Week's Wristwatch

Woke up around nine-thirty Thursday morning.
Hopped on a flight to Abu Dhabi at approx. 11:30pm Thursday night.
Arrived at Abu Dhabi Airport at approx 3:30pm next day.
Waited for our connecting flight for another two hours.
And then that flight took just shy of seven hours to get us to where we are now.
Got to our accomodations for the next five nights, settled in, freshened up.
Stepped out to grab a quick bite and get a feel for the place.
We are in one of the world's most visited cities, rich in culture, color and history.
It's vibrant, the traffic is chaos, but they all seem to know what they're doing.
The architecture is slowly beginning to tell me that I'm not in Melbourne, Australia right now.

Been wearing the one watch for the past few days;

(Photo from my archive, 'cos Apple doesn't wanna play with Blogger and it won't let me just upload a photo that I took with the iPad.)

Nothing more to report. I'm writing this quick post on the iPad and, if it's gonna be this much of a rigmarole to add pictures, then I think I won't bother too much with posting while I'm away. 
It is a holiday, after all.

Thanks for reading, all, and au revoir for now.


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    1. Thanks, Reverend! Went and saw the exhibition at the Military museum today. They had a German Enigma machine on display. Didn't the Allies only manage to snag three of these during the war? Very rare, methinks. There were also two Japy typewriters on display and a Hermes Rocket with Hebrew keys.

  2. How interesting! Can't wait to read about your experiences!

    1. It may be an epic post, NA. I have to say that there are a lot of beggars on the streets and I must be the softest touch in Paris 'cos they all seem to approach me. Maybe I just have a friendly face.

  3. Teeritz, I hope you will be back soon, it is getting boring here! :-) As I could not find an email or other way of reaching out to you: Your blog is terrific and I enjoy it as much as I enjoy one of the old bond movies. It is full of "nonsense" and things that does not seem to matter nowadays, but those are typically the things that are fun and enrich our life's - they are classy and what a lot of folks are missing today.
    I am gonna help myself into a nice weekend with some Belgian beer and Scottish whisky. Yeap... it has been one of those weeks...

    All the best, keep it coming, best regards from the "other side" of the world,

    1. Hi Andre, thanks for the compliments. I'm busy working on the first post about my recent travels. It's just taking longer than I thought because I've been getting home from work absolutely shredded since I got back. No matter, I'll be back soon.