Friday 2 September 2016

Friday 2/9/16 - This Week's Wristwatches.

Work continues at a frenetic pace. There's much to be done on any given day (which is fine by me), but there's some of it which just doesn't get done within the time allotted. However, management has told me more than once that you can never clear your workload, so don't stress it. It will all get done in the end. Which is fine by me. 
In saying that, the first half of this coming week will be pretty darn busy, but I think I can get everything done if I spend the first five minutes planning how I'll tackle the rest of the day. 
Can only do what you can only do. 

Anyway, last weekend's wristwatch was the Omega Seamaster 300;

Bought a pair of sunglasses last Sunday. I don't normally look twice at fashion brand sunglasses, but this pair of G-Star Raw caught my eye. Probably because they looked to me like a modern take on a mid-Century design aesthetic;

The lenses aren't polarised, the tortoise-shell frame is made of a very light (and probably very cheap) plastic, but they're a nice shape and they sit nicely. And they didn't cost a bomb. 

The next day, I switched over to a dressier and more understated piece, the first generation Omega Seamaster AquaTerra Co-Axial;

Okay, I'm getting a little tired now, I've just spent the last half-hour writing to a cousin in Italy. 
Man, my Italian is rusty! And it was never anything to write home about to begin with.

I switched over the another Omega watch a couple of days ago, the Speedmaster Professional;

Okay, a few minutes to nine pm. I need a cup of tea and a comfy chair. Busy weekend coming up, followed by a busy week. Or two. Or maybe three. 

Anyway, thanks for reading and have a great weekend, all!


  1. I could easily see Daniel Craig's Bond wearing those shades!

    What year was the first Aqua Terra? I'd never heard of it before Skyfall!

  2. Hey Javi, the first generation AquaTerra was released in 2003 (from memory) and it remained in production until around 2009, I think. Or maybe it was 2011?
    The model in "Skyfall" was the 2nd generation model, which featured an in-house movement. Omega had finally gone back to producing their own movements and this, of course, jacked up the pricing. We are now up to the 3rd generation of the AquaTerras, and I can't say they thrill me too much. I think the "Skyfall" model was a better looking watch.

  3. Agreed. In addition to the teak styled face, I really liked the trim around the date window.

    1. Yep, that date window frame made a huge difference.