Friday 15 April 2016

Friday 15/4/2016 - A Pencast & This Week's Wristwatch



But hey, what's a post without pictures? Here's this week's wristwatch;

I'm planning another woodworking project. Gonna need some thought over this one.

So much red on this shelf. Maybe I should put up the blue Volkswagen Beetle.

I hope my handwriting wasn't too tricky to navigate, gang. 
Thanks for reading and have a good one!


  1. Ha! Raw Pencast - much meanderin', but we'll follow the moss. Hey, I just noticed the 3 watches in your header aren't all displaying the same time. :D

  2. Nice pencast. I also get a bit self-conscious about typos and grammar, but unlike you I just decide that's the way it is, warts and all.

    I enjoy your weekly updates, keep it up. And your handwriting is very nice, unlike mine.

  3. @ Ted, Thanks for reading. Not much to it this week. And I'm probably gonna change that blog header pic next month anyway.

    @ Joe V, yeah, I didn't wanna spend time and trouble re-writing it, so I thought I'd just bust out the Copy pencil and 'correct' it here and there. The journey is sometimes just as important as the destination.

  4. My sympathies on the loss of your mother 4 years ago.

    I enjoyed this week's change in format. Your penmanship is far superior to mine! The Railmaster is a beaut, too!

    1. Thanks, JT.
      Yes, I felt like writing. Thanks for the compliment. I still think my handwriting looks better when I'm relaxed and sitting down. With a coffee within reach.