Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas Eve 2015 - High on Paint Fumes, Low on Tonic & This Week's Wristwatches.

It's now almost 7:00pm on Christmas Eve and it's ho, ho, hot here in Melbourne!

Here's the Merkur safety razor that I got. The handle measures 100mm, making it a little easier to hold than my other razors which are shorter in length.

I briefly switched over to the Seiko 7002 while I finished giving the bookshelf its first coat of varnish. I would have finished it yesterday, but that headache got the better of me. 
So much for me thinking that the carport was a nicely ventilated area.
The Omega Seamaster 300, seen here with the  circa 1966 Olympia SM9. This is a favourite typewriter of mine. Very snappy and responsive. I can't help but think that it was barely used before I got my hands on it.

Have a pleasant and rewarding time, folks, whatever you celebrate at this time of year.
Right, I think I'll make that drink now.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Happy Holidays, and stay cool. I love my Merkur razor and safety blades, very economical way to shave.

  2. Happy Christmas, and stay chill! (:

  3. That Omega.... That's sure a nice watch.
    Well, keep hitting the Christmas cheer my friend. It's likely to keep the headache from the post paint-fumes day at bay. For a bit, at least.

    Merry Christmas to you!