Thursday, 29 October 2015

Friday 30/10/2015 - Typecast; Rolex Woes, Photo Stealin' Joes, Volunteer Goes & This Week's Wristwatches.

- Friday Afternoon -

Sitting here waiting for the plumber to arrive. Might as well get this week's post underway. 

Back to the Seamaster 300 on NATO strap, which I might wear when I go see SPECTRE in a couple of weeks. Can't wait. I'm avoiding spoilers like crazy;

And here it is, sitting on the SM3 with a little copyright tag next to it;

So anyway, thrillseekers, that's another week done and dusted. Oh, that's right, one more thing, as mentioned in the title of this post.

I saw a sign at a local Op Shop asking for volunteers. My wife had said to me on a few occasions that it would probably do me good to get out of the house and do something while I look for work. I'll be honest, I'm not too crazy about working for no pay, but I think it would do me good in other ways to do some volunteer work. It would get me back into a work routine, for one thing. And it would look good on my resume too. Also, I'd be doing something worthwhile that benefits those less fortunate, and I feel that I could actually be of help to this store too, given my retail background.
So, I spoke to the manager of the place and got an application form. We'll see what happens.

Nothing else to report. I trust you'll all have a good weekend. And for you Halloweeners, don't eat all the candy. 
It's for the kids, you know.  

3:10pm. The plumber's running late.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I find the household stuff breaks down in great multitudes - about the same time as I do. But hey... That's just life?

    Shame about that happening with your watch. What kind of part fails for that to happen?

    Sorry I haven't been about much of late. I've not read anyone's blogs really for about two months now. Not to mention I haven't written on my own for the same period. Glad to see you're getting settled in, and your typing machines are out. Oh, and that Olympia looks great.

    Have a good weekend!

    1. Yeah, my theory is that if you buy two or three household items around the same time, usually when you first move into a place, those items will all break down at the same time ten years later. The trick is to mix up the purchase dates a little. As things stand right now, we need a new mattress and washing machine. I'm walking around with a bad back in clothes that has undesolved washing powder on it.

      The watch, well the crystal and bezel is held in place with very tight tolerances and tensions. You can remove a watch bezel with half a wooden clothes peg (so that you don't scratch the steel. Mind you, I've never tried it) and some considerable force because there's a rubber gasket in there providing resistance. So basically, these things don't fall off by themselves. Unless, of course, you're not using genuine parts to begin with. I sent the seller a shirty e-mail a couple of hours ago voicing my extreme disappointment. I don't want to send it back, I don't want a refund. Unless Rolex tells me there are gremlins inside this watch. I just wanted an honest transaction.
      Ain't sending it back, though. The Italian Postal Service has been known to make Rolexes disappear. I'm amazed I actually received it to begin with!

      Things are busy all 'round, sir. I haven't blogged as much as I used to. I'm thinking these weekly watch posts will probably dip right down once I land some work. Although, a bite-sized typecast might be a good way to ensure regular posts AND typewriter usage.

      Have a good weekend too. Take Monday off. Have a nice 4-day weekend.

  2. I always look forward to your weekly updates. That volunteer work sounds good. Who knows what it might lead to. Also enjoyed the typecast.

    Around our house we can do coffee with an espresso machine, pour-over, moka pot or Aero Press. I've had to rebuild the seals in the steam valve of the espresso machine, but otherwise it's been reliable.

  3. That typewritten copyright is a good idea. By the way, is a sometimes useful way to find photos that match a given photo, in case you want to hunt down people who are copying your images.

  4. I'm with you on the washing up. It's my favourite chore. Never owned a dishwasher, I'm it. I'm assuming you take your watch of when you do your dishes Never know when the bezel might fall out.:)

  5. @ Joe V, thanks. I ran the typecast thru the scanner this time, rather than photographing it. The volunteer work will make a nice change of pace, too.

    @ Richard P, thanks for that link. I'll file it away for future reference. Mind you, I don't want to make a career out of scouring the web looking for my pictures, but it does tick me off when somebody uses my photos to shill their products.

    @Steve K, washing dishes, vacuuming, and mopping floors. Three household chores where you can see the results as you go along.
    As for the watches, if they are modern and water resistant, I leave them on for the dishes. Anything vintage sits on the window-sill. A few feet away, in case of splash-backs.

  6. Like your new copyright idea. A bit lousy not asking your permission