Thursday, 5 March 2015

Happy Birthday Daniel Craig!, The Homework Continues, & This Week's Wristwatches.

- Friday 6:25pm ADST -

Last weekend
                       I've been taking stock of my watch collection in recent months. After almost twenty years of collecting, I suppose my tastes have changed to the point where there are some pieces that I just never wear these days. There have been occasions where I've put on a watch in the morning only to return to the watch box to put on something else. 
For me, when this happens, it means I have a few too many watches. So a cull was in order. First cab off the rank was the Lanco hand-wound;

I have rarely worn this watch, even though I like the look of it. So, I figured this one would go. The case was looking a little tired, so I got out some stainless steel polish and gave it the once-over. Suddenly, the watch looked even better. However, I had made my mind up. It would have to go. I wound the watch and set the time. And nothing happened. It wasn't ticking. Ahh, what the hell!?, I though to myself as I grabbed a knife and popped the case-back off it. Then I remembered; That's right, Teeritz, you're not a friggin' watchmaker!
I didn't know what to look for. Then I wound the watch about fifteen times. Then another ten. Then another twenty. The watch should have reached the end of its winding cycle after about twenty winds. Okay, that was one problem, and it could be the reason why the watch wasn't running. 
I put the case-back back on and took another look at the watch. On a new strap, it would actually look quite nice. And it was a nice 38mm in diameter, with a great dial featuring a sub-seconds dial. Looks like I'd be keeping this one after all. 
Next up, a Seiko dive watch that I think I've worn four times in the six years that I've had it. Okay, this one would go.
Then, there was the Omega Seamaster bumper Automatic from 1951;

This watch doesn't look this good anymore. The crystal has some crazing on it. That's cracks to the non-watch collectors reading this. A piece of the gold capping has come off the lower right-hand lug and been lost, and the re-done dial has a few markers that aren't as perfect as they could have been. This one would have to go. I will list all of these faults when I sell it. Honesty is the best policy, as they say. I don't want anybody buying this watch without knowing everything that's wrong with it. 

I don't think this one will sell for much, and I'm prepared to take a bath on this one. I think I'll get back a fraction of what I paid for it five years ago. Still, the Calibre 351 movement inside it is in very good condition and running well. Perhaps somebody will buy it and make it their own repair project. It will look pretty good once it's done.

There are perhaps one or two other watches that I can get rid of, but I think I'll spend a little more time deciding before I do anything. 
I wore the Submariner while I was doing all of this;

I suppose this watch is one reason for the cull. I've worn it quite a bit since I got it and it doesn't make sense to hold on to other watches if they don't get worn. While I do appreciate the ornamental value of certain objects, such as typewriters, I tend to take a different view as far as my wristwatches are concerned. If they don't get worn, then they should go. 
My 1928 Royal Portable types like an old farm tractor, but it looks nice if put out on display, and I can always use a different typewriter when I want to use one. With my watches, if I put one on and start thinking I should have worn something else, then that begins to tell me that I could probably do without that watch and I wouldn't miss it much if it went. 
Also, over the past year or so, I've thought that I'd rather have a smaller collection of watches that actually get worn (since, like a greyhound, a watch is meant to run), rather than watches that collectors refer to as 'safe queens'. The Lanco, I suppose, is safe for now, since it doesn't work. I'll get it serviced at some point, put a different strap on it, and see how I feel about it then. 

          It was March 2nd, Daniel Craig's 47th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Mr. Bond. Filming of SPECTRE continued in Rome this week.

             So much to read before starting my next assignment. Spent most of the day dreading it until I called my lecturer who told me to disregard most of the notes and just read a selected few before moving on to the assignment. Once I did that, I opened up the assignment and read through it, and it didn't look as scary as it did in the morning. So I got started on it. 

                  Found a copy of an old Len Deighton espionage thriller for two bucks. Had the Omega Railmaster on my wrist;

                While I've been in this get-rid-of-stuff-I-don't-use frame of mind, I thought about my typewriters and decided to shift the Remington Remette and the Smith-Corona Galaxie II. I really like the design of the Galaxie, but I find that I don't use it very often. Maybe I'll take another hit at the keys before I make a final decision.


The Remette looks nice enough, but it's a rough machine to write with. And I already have one or two typewriters with that problem.

The Galaxie has a snappy feel, but I tend to favour my Olympias, Royal QDL, and other Smith-Corona models whenever I get the urge to sit down at a typewriter. This one was in beautiful condition when I first got it and as I write this, I'm not so sure as to whether I'll sell it or not. Definitely have to use it a little more before I make up my mind one way or the other.

          Man, I'm tired today. Had a few crappy nights of sleep this week and I think it's all caught up with me. Hit the gym later in the afternoon and I'm now feeling the effects.  
You never regret a workout, my wife is oft to remark.
I'm regretting this one, baby.

However, the benefits always outweigh the effort. If I can just stick at it long enough.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, all!


  1. oh good Lord, I'm older than Bond now? D:

    1. Awful, isn't it? I always knew the day would come, and it sucks.

  2. Interesting post. I understand about wanting to sell off items. Your background in sales really helps. I'm so introverted, it's hard to even think about dealing with judgemental strangers without getting the vapors. It's a little tough for the Bond franchise to keep any continuity with such an infrequent release schedule - they age out after only a couple of films. I don't know that there's anyone in his thirties I'd consider for a successor. I do want them to add in Felix driving his Studillac some day though.

  3. I spotted your Remette up for sale, and thought that was an unusually got machine to be selling here in AU. Fingers crossed you get a good price for it. I'm about to start my own cull. I'm going to wait and see what your machine gets in price, before I start to sell, as I'm trying to figure out if now is a good time, or I should wait to the in-demand period around Christmas time.

  4. @ notagain, I have basically spent this week replying to shipping cost enquiries, even though I clearly outlined them in the listing. Don't people read eBay listings fully these days? If you don't want to deal with judgemental strangers, just mention that you are selling items on behalf of someone else and you have very strict parameters to follow.

    The Bond films used to come out every two years, like clockwork. As for the next Bond, Daniel Craig will leave behind some big shoes to fill. Although, I'd still be happy to see Michael Fassbender take on the role. He'd be closer to Fleming's description of Bond. Check him out in "Haywire", a Steven Soderbergh film from 2011.

    @ Scott K, I decided to put the Remette up for sale in the interests of de-cluttering. Part of me was also wondering if the whole typewriter interest thing is beginning to quieten down a little. I should have sold it before Christmas, but that was a busy time around here.

  5. Ah the de-clutter fever strikes again! But you are right, better to have a few that you love than to waste time on those that you don't. You still have to take care of them after all. Good luck on your sales Mr Teeritz!