Friday, 13 March 2015

Can't Really Be Bothered, But Here's This Week's Wristwatch!

- Friday 6:30pm ADST- 

And here's someone else who can't be bothered. Of course, she can never be bothered. 

 I didn't find a knitted tie, by the way. Not the end of the world.


  1. Well, I'm sure a knitted tie will come your way some day soon. Just for reference, you can wear a tie any time you want... A man doesn't need an excuse to wear a tie if he wants to!

    I've been eager to have a look at Locke. I saw it being reviewed on 'At the Movies' some time back, and it looked intriguing. When I can wrestle the remote away from Jane for long enough I'll definitely watch it.

  2. Great watch. Once i convince myself that i need a diver, this will be in the running.
    as for Tom Hardy, i must say i am a fan. Ive seen him in Warrior and he certainly had promise. When the dark knight rises came out, i wondered who played Bane with that great voice and delivery. I watched him in Lawless. And it was then i put 2 and 2 together and realized he was in Refn's Bronson. Watched that bc Drive. Watched Drive bc of Valhalla Rising. Only god forgives was so so.
    and last year i caught him in the peaky blinders and man, Hardy has presence!

    1. michaeliany, check out the Omega model number 2254.50.00. It's the Seamaster dive watch that's based on my one. Being a modern interpretation, it will be easier for a watchmaker to work on.

      And yes, Mr Hardy has appeared in some interesting films. I first noticed him in "RockNRolla" and he definitely had presence on-screen. He was under-utilised in "Inception", though. Still, if he continues choosing interesting roles, he will go far.