Sunday, 1 June 2014

I'm Adding Word Verification To Combat Spam.

Hi all. Just quickly, like the title says, I've added word verification to the comments section because I'm sick of incomprehensible spam comments which make no sense and link to Louis Vuitton handbags and Nike Air trainers. I wanted to set numerical verification instead, but I don't think Blogger has this setting.
Unless there's a way to set it that I'm not aware of, which sounds more likely.

Thanks for reading, all!

P.S.- Here's a pic from that Dry Martini post that I wrote over a year ago. This post has now overtaken the Tissot Visodate wristwatch review as the most viewed post on my blog.
And it's also the post that a zillion spam comments rode in on.
Sneaky bastards.


  1. I wonder if your blog attracts consumer spam because of all the the brand names you mention. I wonder if they might begin to dry up if you typecast everything? That way 'bots only see your metadata and an image.

  2. On the one hand it's sad you have to do it, but on the other hand it means your blog is popular enough to need it.