Thursday, 19 June 2014

Friday 20/6/14 - Typewriter Packing , Emptying The Car Wreck, Driving Duties & This Week's Wristwatches

 - Friday 2:05pm AEST -

I was getting sick of pasting film poster pics off the web onto these weekly posts because when I'd upload the post, it would appear minus the poster. IMDB has the best poster artwork, but it doesn't allow for quick and easy cutting and pasting. So here's a picture I took of the DVD case.

And here's a shot of the Namco chair that I grew up with, along with the Smith-Corona Silent Super that I used for the typecast above.

This one has that groovy 1960s pattern across the back. Sadly, Scott, I don't see a date of manufacture on the cardboard underneath. Man, that orange vinyl is so 1964.
And I was still wearing the Omega Railmaster from the day before;

Packed up a few typewriters to put into storage. My collection has overtaken far too much room in the wardrobe, so it was time to get them out of the house. I've left five or six of them at home. I think I'll take a long, hard look  at them in the next month or so to determine which ones to sell. I don't think it'll be a huge cull, but some of them don't get used very much and I've realised that I can probably live without them. 

            More lawn mowing, so a change of wristwatch was in order. Time for the Seiko SKX031. When I was done, I hit the supermarket and then got some more urgent supplies. The cupboard has been bare for some time and I'm not enjoying the Dewar's Special Reserve that I've had to resort to. Until I get myself a nice Single Malt, I'll just stick with good ol' J&B Rare and/or Ballantine's.

             My son's school was having a "Correction Day", so he got to stay home and promptly chained himself to the PlayStation. 
And then somebody else settled down to do sweet F.A. for the morning as well. That's two members of the household who would be out of action for a while. Slack-asses.

I had a busy Tuesday coming up. After dinner that evening, I felt like a drink.

And then I briefly switched over to the circa 1969 Omega Seamaster Chronometer for the rest of the evening;

              Busy day ahead. I dropped my son off at school and my wife off at work. When I got home, it was time for a watch change-over. There was much to be done. I needed something big, loud and ridiculous. I needed the 44mm Hamilton Khaki hand-wound;

Relax. That tattoo should wash off during my next shower. I don't have any ink, but if I ever do, it's gonna be this;

Minus the wording, of course. Only the greatest Rock & Roll band in the world. I've always felt that a tatt, because of its permanence, should be something that actually has a meaning to the person. Mind you, I do like the idea of a dagger & rose tattoo. It's the romantic in me.

By the time I got home a couple of hours later, I had these;

A VF-2 viewfinder and a 15mm 1:8.0 body-cap lens for my Olympus EPL-5 camera. The lens significantly reduces the bulk of the camera, although it does turn it into a simple point-and-shoot, and the viewfinder brings this camera into the realm of true photography (in my view) whereby I can hold the camera up to eye level rather than hold it a foot away from my face as though it's about to explode any second. Nice.
I called the tow-truck company (see last Friday's post for more info) to see if I could head over to empty my wife's car of her few remaining belongings. I brought the camera along. From a distance, the car didn't look that bad;

When I got closer, it was a whole different story;

The driver's side took the brunt of the impact when the car flipped over;

Scrawled across the windscreen was the Insurance company's policy number and the term "T/LOSS", which I can only assume meant 'total loss'. 

However, my wife is recovering from her aches and scrapes and that's the main thing. 

          Busy day today. Switched to the Omega Planet Ocean, because I wanted something with a date on it;

And, just to prove that my wife is on the mend, here she is up to her usual trick of trying to make the cat look like Mother Theresa. Madame is clearly not impressed.

I have a busy week or two coming up, gang, so thanks for reading and have yourselves a great weekend!


  1. You can make a cat look like Mother Theresa, but you can't make it behave like Mother Theresa. :D

  2. Great film. I often select a watch based on whether i need the date and if I can read it. With contacts in, I can't make out the date on one of them.

  3. Nice post. I also have the BCL-15 body cap lens. I've figured out how to correct for its corner CA and field curvature by shooting a picture of a grid (a garden trellis), then applying corrections to the image in Silky Pix and saving that as a custom development "taste," which I can then apply to any subsequent image taken with that lens, prior to any other adjustments needed.

  4. Glad to hear the wife is on the mend.
    I happen to find an omega automatic, not sure model but it looked vintage like yours: price wasnt on it so I assume it was prob ridiculous.
    The first time I saw deborah francois was in student services: a gutsy performance. I thought she was a more innocent ludivine sagnier who happens to just ooze sex appeal. Instead, francois possesses that girl-next-door quality, however still unbelievable. That film I thought was decent. Havent seen it in a couple years

  5. I'm yet to see this film. Maybe something for my 'typewriter' day off!
    Glad to hear your wife is okay. Awful business that.
    And keep that cat warm!