Saturday 23 June 2012

Typewriter Day 2012- I Didn't Get Up To Much, Besides Work.

*Special thanks to that swell dame I married who took the pictures. I had to crop out my shiny, hairless scalp, which accounts for the tight shots of my hands working the keys.

Happy Typewriter Day, folks, and thanks for reading!


  1. What an awesome looking machine!

    Cool post.

  2. Yeah, I've never seen a typewriter like that, but it sure is fine! I really like the carriage return lever, too. It's unique.

    I keep discovering new machines on everyone's blogs. I just recently discovered the Voss on Richard's site. That is one cool machines as well, but I notice they go for quite a few shekels. Oh, well, I'll just drool over them from a distance.

  3. It's a German-made Groma Kolibri, gents. I wrote about it earlier in my blog, but others have written better about it. I decided that I just had to have one after I saw "The Lives of Others", a German film from about six years ago about a Stasi agent who eavesdrops on a political activist who uses one of these to write some inflammatory protests about the government.
    It's the slimmest typewriter I have, but it's a nice one to write with.

    1. The one design flaw this machine has is carriage return lever scrapes the top of the ribbon cover.
      Looks like you might have found a fix for that because in some of the pics, i can see the lever hovering over the ribbon cover.
      How'd you do that?

    2. The carriage return level has indeed scraped the top of the ribbon cover at some point in this machine's life, judging by the thin line across the left-hand side of the ribbon cover,but I have always made certain that the cover was pressed completely down whenever I've used it and have therefore not made the scratch worse since I bought it. Having said that, the gap between the return lever and the ribbon cover is about 2mm.
      Talk about tight tolerances!

  4. Very nice typewriting action shots.

    I'm going to prepare a set of Infiltration cards myself so I can be ready for moments like those!

  5. Well done, spreading the resistance message! nice machine too, I typed on a similar one today here in Basel.

  6. Typewriter Day should be an international holiday. Shame you had to work. Perhaps we can turn the typewriter insurgency into a proper political movement.

    The Groma Kolibri is delectable.

  7. I am definitely going to have to type up some of these Infiltration cards (or papers) I keep reading about. There are so many places I could leave them...the opportunity calls me!
    What is it that you wrote on yours? I've read the one on the website, and it is great, but I was thinking more along the lines of an index card, so it would have to be shorter. Plus, I have this typewriter stamp I used for the inside of the thank you cards I just sent out...that could be used for the back.

    1. I kept my ones short and to-the-point.
      "This location has been infiltrated by
      I figured that if anybody found it and was intrigued, they would Google it to see what it's all about.
      I have to commend you on the use of index cards. Harder to stash, easier to get spotted doing so. Of course, in true "Mission-Impossible" fashion, if you get busted, the Typosphere will disavow any knowledge of you and may issue a statement to the effect that you were "one reckless, rogue operative operating outside of official channels, blah, blah, blah".
      Good luck. ;-)