Saturday, 18 February 2012

Our Burmese Cat- A Love Story OR Sleeping Beauty, Wrapped in Fur.

I thought she was laughing at something funny that I'd said, but no, she's just having another yawn and a stretch before settling down to another nap. And it's only three in the afternoon.

If you come over to our house, make sure you roll up your car windows. Missy loves a good parcel shelf.

My wife had put some soil into this glazed pot because she was gonna plant some herbs. Of course, Madam Fleabag had other ideas.

Of course, all this bird killing is bound to make you tired, so it's up into the wardrobe to catch a few "z's". On a nice soft velvety quilt. Dammit.

Late at night, around 9:oopm, we'll hear the tinkling of the bell on her collar and my wife will say in a mocking tone; "See? It's like having a pet reindeer."
"Yes. Quite."

What's left of the foot-stool. Sure, it looks a mess, but I'd rather she shreds this than the sofa. I'll have to get some thread and neaten it up.

Hassling me while I write this typecast. Almost a Hemingwayesque photo.
 But, back to the guy with the beer can story...

When my wife read this page, she said that she didn't just make a threat to throw a stone at his dog just for the sake of making a threat. It turns out that the guy had thrown one at my cat in an attempt to get her to make a run for it so that his dog would see her and give chase. I didn't see that because I was heading for the front door by this stage and he had already made his polite retort to my wife and kept walking by the time I got to the street. The moron.
Isn't there enough wrong with the world already without this type of crap occurring?
Anyhow, let us not dwell on beer-drinking idiots walking their dogs.

Looking this good takes a lot of rest and relaxation.

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. De Ville."

Thanks for reading, all!


  1. Awwwwwwww!!!!!

    I grew up with three Siamese cats. One of them, in his advanced years, spent most of his time wedged under the wood stove. Yes, fully stoked. I swear he should have cooked.

    The best cat my wife and I have had was a street fighting Meezer who did wallop pretty much every dog and cat in the neighborhood. That was before he was "rescued" from his owner while he was doing jail time. Sensei moved in with us. And he did have multiple nicknames, as do our children. (The girls have more nicknames than we can comfortably count.)

    Unfortunately, I was finally diagnosed as being allergic to just about everything, including cat dander. We've been catless since the last cat died several years ago and miss having Meezers and related breeds lounging around the house. Happy memories, your post brought...mmmm...

    Oh, about the neighborhood - one of the worst cats we had was a pity adoption. I rescued her from under my Bronco II when kids were trying to beat on her. That was two towns ago. The current neighborhood is extremely dog-centric.

  2. And now I want a cat, too! I was once quite close to a dog, a lovely Golden Retriever who passed away a couple of years ago, sadly, and keep planning to typecast about that sometime. Animals are great companions and I love reading little stories into their behavior, like you have done so well with your cute Burmese.

    I don't know that life in a small apartment would be very fair to a cat, though, but maybe one day.

    1. Cats are pretty adaptable. Kittens like room to run, but once they get to be about a year old the size of the space doesn't matter that much. We had two large cats in a bungalow sized house roughly the size of an apartment and they did fine. Finding the right spot for the litter box is the main trick.

      Given enough dry food and water, a cat can be left home alone for 2-3 days without going totally neurotic like a dog. Siamese and related cats are close to dogs personality wise. They follow you around the house, but also treat you with the icy disdain of the cat who walked by himself.

      One tip: fixed or not, some male cats will spray to mark territory.

  3. Wonderful post. We have cats, but this one reminds me of our Ruby, who is personality-plus. She was attacked by a large dog in our own driveway. That dog is now blind, but if the owner hadn't been pulling her off even Ruby wouldn't have escaped. The only way to keep them and the birds safe is to tether them outside. Ours have all gotten used to it, as long as they get some time in the garden. We have to keep watch lest they get tangled, but they are happy with the arrangement and come back in without much fuss.

  4. A fine character sketch. My favorite name for her is Cointerpin!

  5. Neat cat. Good post. I love long as they are someone else's cat. It seems cats know they can agitate me since I am allergic to them. There can be a dozen people around and only one cat, who will always come to sit on my shoulder. I would like not to be allergic to them, but that's life and cats are still neat.
    I like all the names you have for her.

  6. I am not a big fan of cats but this was exceedingly amusing to read. I still prefer our quails, they even lay eggs instead of killing poor birds. :)

  7. Typewriters and cats...Cats and typewriters...

    Seem to go together quite well. A lot of Typospherians seem to have cats.

    "My wife decided to get a bell for her collar. The cat, I mean, not my wife."

    This made me laugh out loud.

    My cat Rupert also goes into the same exact "attack mode" whenever a dog is nearby. It's reassuring to know that the cat can take care of himself in the presence of a canine!

  8. Just discovered your blog, and I love this post! My two cats are a Siamese and a Siamese mix. They too spend much of their time seeking out odd sleeping places. One likes to sleep in a canvas bag I put up on a high shelf in the closet. The other used to sleep draped across the handlebars of my exercise bike--it did *not* look comfortable, but maybe she was imagining she was a big wild cat in a tree?

    Beautiful photos, too!

    Here are my two, though it's not the best of pictures...

    1. Wow, two Siamese must be a handful, LFP! Beautiful looking cats, too.

  9. I stumbled across your blog looking for personal stories from owners of burmese. I very much enjoyed reading about your beauty. Such an engaging, humourous breed of cat, they can't help but have more than one (Nick)name - my own Brown girl, PJ Harvey, puj, Punjab, kit-e-kat, kit-e-chunk, little panther, chunkalicious, the list goes on. Her people skills and manners around guests leave a lot to be desired though - she not shy of showing her 'craw' and is more than content to be a cat that only her family can love. So much more than a pet, definitely a companion and loyal to bone. And her relationship with, and attitude to, each family member is so different and unique. My life is definitely blessed by her presence,just as your is by unWisely.

    1. I know what you mean about these cats and their relationship to each family member. Luckily, she gets along with all of us, but she does have her favourites in our family.

  10. Sic 'wispy'. Damon autofil!

  11. Aww great story, looks like just my cat :)))

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