Wednesday 22 February 2012

I Red A Lot Since Monday- What A Beautiful Ink This Is!

I do like the pattern on the body of this pen. Peter B., a collector friend of mine told me that this pattern was meant to resemble skyscrapers at night with some of their lights left on.
That is just too cool!

*That should have been Fountain Pen Network Forums.
I hate it when the scanners cuts off the bottom of the page.

While putting this post together, I find it hard to tell if these ink colours will come out true-to-life. The Diamine Crimson certainly looks on the screen the way it does in real life, but the Noodler's Red Rattler appears darker on my monitor than it really is. It's definitely a more vibrant red in real life.

Here's a pic of the Mentmore.

And here's a close-up of the great cobblestone pattern of the barrel.
In glorious W    I    D    E    S   C    R    E    E    N.

Actually, it wasn't Aurora Black, it was Waterman's Havana Brown. I think I'm a little tired right now. 'Night, all.


  1. Glad everything worked for your pen repairs. I may get a bottle of the red ink. The red is a very nice tone. Better than many of the others I've seen. Thanks for the post.

  2. The "crimson" looks like something my 14-year-old and her friends would enjoy writing with; definitely not what I'd call crimson! I am just dipping my toe into the world of fountain pens and ink, so I really enjoyed your post.

  3. All my life (I'm 50) I've known exactly one person - my mother - who made their R's the same way I do, but it seems half the typosphere does also. How do you account for that?

  4. @ Bill M, it's a great shade of red. But then, I can't fault Noodler's inks at all. They are brilliant.

    @ MEK, your Spencerian script is fantastic! I envy you. I keep meaning to have a shot at learning it myself.

    @ notagain, I have no idea. My surname begins with R, so I get a lot of practice.