Friday, 20 January 2012

Smiling in the Dark- A Typecast About Some Movies I've Seen Lately

EDIT; 2 hrs later- Okay, disregard everything I stated above about "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" being directed by J.J. Abrams. Richard Polt (thanks!) has pointed out that it was, in fact, directed by Brad Bird. I plumb forgot about that. Maybe the film had an Abrams feel to it to me, I dunno. Although the pacing of the film reminded me of "Alias". Maybe that was it. Anyway, aside from the fact that Abrams didn't direct this new instalment, everything else I said pretty much stands.

I spent too much time coming up with that code, btw.

This little ol' blog of mine clocked up 11,000 views! Who'd have thought?
Thanks for reading, all!


  1. Impressive typecast and photo illustrations -- very nicely arranged!

    I got pure pleasure out of MI: Ghost Protocol. I should point out that its director is actually Brad Bird, who proved his mettle at Pixar before directing this film.

  2. @ Richard, Holy Cow, I messed up! And "The Incredibles" is a particular favourite of mine, too. Thanks for the wake-up, Richard. I gone back in to add an Edit.

  3. Wonderful typecast! I do not watch too many movies, but you make this sound very interesting. I like the sketch that starts things off. Nice work.

  4. "Impressive. Most impressive." as my favourite villain would say.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Great typecast! I empathize with your feelings about 3D movies. However, I can highly recommend "Hugo". Claire is a huge fan of the book and is somewhat unforgiving when a movie doesn't follow the story. She loved it and I wept like a little chimp. The 3D is done really well and wasn't focused on having stuff jump out of the screen at you.

    Nice code. It's been too long since my East German and West German machines had a good spy vs. spy session.