Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Typewriter Collection No.6: Imperial Good Companion 5, circa 1958

Nice colour. Now that I think of it, nearly all of my typewriters are either green or black.

It arrived in this. If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought it was thrown from a moving car.

The obligatory profile photo. That carriage return lever is great!

Would have been nice if it wasn't missing part of the decal, but it is over 50 years old, I suppose.

POSTSCRIPT- It just hit me. There was something about this typewriter when it arrived. I looked at it and typed a few words on it and, for some reason, an image of Miss Moneypenny (played by the late, great Lois Maxwell) from the Connery Bond films, came to mind. Maybe it was the shade of green on the bodywork. I think she wore a green outfit in one of the early Bonds. This machine is such a pleasant shade of green, too. Very tropical. Now, I'm not one for naming my belongings, but now it seems that I can't look at this Imperial without the name 'Moneypenny' popping into my head. "Don't fight it, teeritz!"

Link to Rob Bowker's Imperial Good Companion 5 article;


  1. Very nice. I've also wanted one of these since I read Rob's user's manual.

  2. but Moneypenny is my '48 QDL! :D

  3. Congrats! It could soon become your favourite. The case is probably fibreglass. Check the scuff marks and see if you can see chopped strands in the resin. Don't you find the shift to be the smoothest feeling silky sensation? It is fascinating type on alternately with a contemporary Olympia SM3. So different but both equally good, IMHO. I haven't heard how my GC5 is getting on its new Derbyshire home - maybe there will be a letter in the post sometime soon. I think mine was ridiculously cheap too.

  4. I have a GC5 but the case is different from the one shown. Mine is fibre glass and has 2 raised ridges either side of the handle that go up and over the top of the case. (it reminds me of the back of a car with fins).
    Can you tell me if this is the correct case or should it have the one in the picture? I'd be interested to know. Unfortunately she will have to go soon as moving overseas.

  5. I have seen both versions. Some of the Olympia SM series from the '50s used a very similar (if not the same) case. I suppose as long as the typewriter fastens inside the case without bouncing around inside, then it's the right case.