Friday 22 June 2018

Friday June 22nd, 2018 - New Data Laws, RIP Miss Gayson, The Guy Who Stayed In With The Cold & Recent Wristwatches.

Okay, so it's Friday night, June 22nd and I'm sick again. Here's a quick timeline;

May 21st - I went to see my doctor to have a 'flu shot. 

May 27th - I caught a morning session of Avengers | Infinity War and noticed half-way through the movie that the cinema had cranked up the air con. I felt quite chilly for the rest of the film.
Later that evening, my throat felt raspy, like a had a spikey golf ball jammed in it. 

May 28th - Blocked nose, chesty cough, feverish. I end up feeling ragged for the next two weeks. 

June 10th - Feeling better. Back to my old self.

June 16th - Throat begins hurting again, and my lower back aches. Uh-oh, is this now  a 'flu? 
We had the air conditioning attended to at the office recently and it now feels a little too warm every day. One co-worker likes it cold, another likes it hot. End result is that the ambient temperature is all over the place. I wear layers, in an attempt to combat the situation and it works well. When I'm not sick. This time, though, my body temp is having a hard time regulating.

June 18th - Went in to work, though I probably should've stayed home. Same with the next day. It's busy at the moment and, corny as it sounds, I want to go in and do the work, even if I feel bad. 

June 19th - Spent the night coughing and coughing. By one am, my wife suggested the old honey & cinnamon mix. I stumbled to the kitchen, poured two spoons of honey into a small glass, and threw in a couple of liberal shakes of ground cinnamon powder. Then put it into the microwave for 10 seconds. 
I then mixed the cinnamon thoroughly through the softened honey until I had a golden syrup. Then I ate it. 
Sure enough, the coughing stopped a few minutes after I got back into bed. I slowed down my breathing and tried to relax. Not easy. 

June 20th - Called in sick. Stayed home. Slept in. Tried to nap on the couch later in the afternoon, but got a little too cold in there. Went to bed that night and coughed until one am. Then lay awake until 5:00am, trying not to cough. 

This morning - Sent a text to my boss, saying I wouldn't be in today. He replied, telling me not to come back to work until Monday. 
We'll see how I'm faring by then. 

By now, you're all probably aware of the New Data Laws being rolled out across Europe. I don't know what it all means, but I've had this message up on my Blogger dashboard for a few weeks;

I have underlined the confusing part of this message. I hit the "Learn more" tab and then tried to view my blog using a European .com (,, etc) at the end of my blog's address, but it keeps reverting back to the Australian '".
So, I'm wondering, if any of you are reading this blog from somewhere in Europe, are you getting the cookies notice somewhere on my blog? Thanks in advance!

The first Bond film, Dr No, was released in 1962. Bond's creator Ian Fleming died two years later. The director, Terence Young, has been gone for almost 25 years. 
However, it always strikes home for me when one of the actors in the early films dies. 
Eunice Gayson died earlier this month at the age of 90. She has the honour of being the First Bond Girl, Sylvia Trench.
She is first seen at the chemin de fer table at a London casino. She stands out because, amid all the men in dinner jackets, she wears a red off-the-shoulder gown.  
Aside from how she looks, she also comes across as very self-assured. Gambling alone, she engages in light reparteé with the unseen stranger across the table, the only worthy opponent in this game, it seems.
The cinematic introduction of James Bond is the stuff of OO7 lore. And, unrealistic spy movies aside, it is considered one of the greatest intros in film history.
But, don't take my word for it (thanks, YouTube!);


The next time we see her, she has managed to get into Bond's flat (probably bribed the doorman) and is attempting to slice golf balls into one of Bond's hats...wearing nothing but a pair of high heels and one of Bond's silk pyjama shirts. Bond arrives at the front door and, hearing sounds coming from inside his digs, draws his pistol and bursts in. To be pleasantly surprised.                        Thinking about her character now, she seems like the right kind of girl for 1960s cinematic Bond. Confident, flirty, and sexy as all get-out. She was intended to be a recurring character in the films, the girl back in England whose plans for intimacy with Bond would always be thwarted by his duty to Queen and Country. She appeared in the next film, From Russia With Love, but was never seen again after that. Shame, really. And so, I raise a glass (of orange juice) to you, Miss Gayson. It was performances by people like you that went a long way towards getting big-screen Bond off the ground.

Wristwatch-wise, these are what I've worn in recent weeks;

The Submariner still gets worn sparingly throughout the week and tends to see a little more daylight on the weekends. I'm careful with this one, given that it offers no water-resistance due to its age, but I'm glad that I've gotten to the point where I don't baby it the way I did when I first got it.                                                                Having wanted one for four decades, I knew there'd be a possibility of my treating it with kid gloves, but that's slowly faded since I got it overhauled last year. 
I ran some film through the Yashica Electro 35 GSN that I got recently;

I took the roll of colour film to my local mall to get it developed at Big W. They're like a Kmart or Target store.  The guy behind the counter told me that it would take around two-and-a-half weeks now because they no longer have the machinery to process film on the premises. Damn! Oh well, what choice did I have?                                The eBay Seller keeps sending me automated messages, asking me to leave feedback. I keep replying that I will do so once I check out the photos that I've taken. Seems fair, don't it? Anyway, he can wait.

I've been home since Wednesday. I've had a few very lousy sleeps. Wore the Oris Diver Sixty-Five Movember Edition for most of the week. I spent this morning paying some bills online before parking myself on the couch with a cup of tea and a couple of books. I have about a hundred pages left of Ernst Jünger's account of his experiences as a younger officer in WWI. The book is called Storm of Steel and it's up there with Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front. Once I finish this book, I can get started on the new Bond book, Forever And A Day. That should tide me over until the next Bond movie, which is still just a glimmer in EON Productions' eye at the moment.I later switched over to the Omega Railmaster, a watch that I haven't worn for some time.                                            It's now about ten past nine pm. I'm gonna have an inhalation made up of boiling water and a teaspoonful of Vicks Vaporub. Hopefully, this'll open up my airways a little. 

Anyway, thanks for reading, and have yourselves a good weekend!


  1. Ugh, everyone's sick around here. alternating bouts of outrage and sick apathy. would take up drinking again if I wasn't broke. :P

    It'll crest and retreat, I think. I have to believe that. :D

    1. PS. I'm not seeing the customary privacy notice popup on your blog that is currently happening on other Blogger blogs. it's usually a semi-opaque box at the bottom of the browser with a "close and accept" button.

  2. Thanks, Ted! Four days since I wrote this post and a finally had an uninterrupted night's sleep for the first time this month. This cold seems to be receding, but I think it's gonna take its damn sweet time doing so.

    And thanks for the input about the Cookies notice. I think it might only show up on European sites or IP addresses. Anyway, I might have to wait until I get rapped over the knuckles, because I have no clue whatsoever about how to check or change this notice.
    Hope your week's progressing smoothly.

  3. I get the cookie notice, reading your blog from the Netherlands. I really like your Oris and Submariner. After I sold my antique typewriters I was tempted to buy a Sub date, but wasn't 100% convinced. It seemed too squarish and big for me. So, instead I bought several Seiko's (Seiko 5) and are currently enjoying them a lot, learning this way what I like to wear, and what not.

    1. Thank-you, schrijfmachine. My son checked by changing his IP address (somehow) and logging in under dot UK and the cookie notice showed.
      The Sub Date- if we're talking about the current models, I'm not a fan. They ARE too squarish. If I was in the market for one, I would go for a 14060 (non-date) or a 16610 (date) model from 2000-2010.
      Otherwise, the new Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight is nothing to sneeze at, either.
      Mind you, I have a tonne of respect for Seiko. Can't fault the Seiko 5 series. Enjoy them!

    2. I like the new BB58, but the lugs don't curve downwards as nicely as they do with the Oris Movember. I have small wrists, and I think I need slightly curved down lugs to fit properly. Also, I think those curved lugs look very nice. The Seiko SLA017 (re-edition of the 62-mas) has similar lug design, but I like the dial of the Oris more. What do you think about the Oris Diver with the bronze bezel? I really like it, but I am not sure about the faux patina lume, and neither sure about how the bronze will patina through time. Btw. in some pictures, the double domed saffier on the Oris diver looks quite over the top. I guess in real life it is not that bad?

    3. Hi schrijfmachine, my wrists are 6.5 inches and I would have no hesitation in getting the Black Bay 58. Obviously, the real test is when you try one on. The Seiko 62Mas re-edition is a beauty too.
      The new Diver Sixty-Five bronze bezel models are gorgeous. The faux patina - which I normally don't like- actually suits this watch quite nicely. Coupled with the rose gold hands and hour markers, it all gives off a warm look. As for the bronze bezel, yes, the patina would drive me nuts after a while, but it can easily be removed with a light brush of vinegar.
      I'll take some pics of the sapphire crystal on my Diver Soxty-Five. It is domed, but not over the top. However, your opinion may differ to mine.