Saturday, 3 February 2018

Sunday February 4th - Time to Shift Some Stuff.

Geez, I just looked at last week's post and saw that I'd dated it 2017. Okay, that's fixed.

I've typecast this week as well, but, aside from crossing out any errors as I wrote, using a slash, I've also proof-read it and had a Columbia red correction pencil at the ready. Anyway...

I wore the Rolex Submariner earlier in the week. Summer means short sleeves and short sleeves means a higher risk of a wristwatch getting wet or getting knocked against something, so I've tended to wear this one sparingly on warmer days. I think I got the lighting right on this picture. I wore it a little more over this weekend because, well, I didn't buy it to have it spend all its time locked away.

I've written more about this film in the typecast below. There's a different sensibility that one sees in European film that you just don't get from films made in English speaking countries. European movies can take a seemingly mundane situation and infuse it with a depth and perception that we don't often get from English or American made films. 
That's certainly not to denigrate the output from Hollywood and the UK. Lord knows I grew up on a self-imposed steady diet of movies from both sides of the pond, but some of the most powerful scenes and some of the best performances I've ever seen were in films from countries that don't speak English. For example, if you've never seen it, check out Cinema Paradiso, (Dir: Giuseppe Tornatore, 1988). Some scenes will have you in tears. 

I will definitely have to go through the typewriters one of these days. 
I have a Lemair Helvetia somewhere that is a nice typewriter to use, but keeping it would be a little redundant, as I have about four or five ultra-portables already and one of them, the Groma Kolibri, barely gets used as it is. I think I should sit down with that one and give it a thorough going-over.

I also wore the Oris Diver Sixty-Five this week;

Actually, I think I spent the weekend alternating between this watch and the Rolex. I stepped out yesterday morning to go buy a couple of pairs of casual pants for work. Nothing flash, just some chinos in a lightweight fabric. Since putting on a few pounds, I've gotten tired of feeling that tightness around the waistband. So, I figured I'd just move up a size for the time being. I've had a 30 inch waist all my life and now, at the age of 52, I'm adding some middle-aged spread. 
Over my dead body! 
I'm as thin as Jagger all over, but I have a slight paunch. I hate that look. It's sluggy. 
Anyway, the labels stated that these were 'ankle-length'. Okay, no biggie. Until I got home and tried them on again. They exposed a little more ankle than I would like. No real problem. I know that ankle-length is 'in' right now. See Thom Browne's outfits, for example. However, I can't wear these pants with the shoes that I have. They make me look like I'm wearing pants that I've out-grown. 
So, back to the store I went this morning, and swapped them over for a different cut of chinos that are exactly like the pairs I already have. Just in a 31 inch waist. 
That's okay. It's now almost six pm Sunday night, I'm sitting here writing this while a gin & tonic sits within reach (maybe that's what caused the weight gain!) and I'll get dinner started soon. After that, I'll take my son for a half-hour driving lesson and then my wife and I will hop on our bikes and go for a half-hour ride.
I'm gonna try implementing that into the coming weeks on a regular basis. Some new tenants have moved into the offices below mine at work, so I'm about to lose the car parking space that I've been using for the past six or eight months. That means it'll be back to catching a train in to work, which is fine because it means I'll be doing a little more walking than I have in quite some time. 
Perhaps that will burn off a few pounds. 
Anyway, gang, one last picture;

Thanks for reading, and have a good week, all!


  1. Heh, I think all of these Tower CIII's have that ding on the left side of the ribbon cover. yours matches mine :D

    Feh on you at 52 still wearing 30's. be glad you're not vacillating between 38-42 like me :P

  2. I need to follow your lead and unload some of my typewriters. One will probably be my Splendid also. I just do not like its touch. My one recent find though was a Chieftian Attache. Skywriter in a briefcase.

  3. Great post. Is your crown turned in all the way on your Sub? I see threads, or is this how the vintage ones go?

    1. It was recently serviced and the crown had new rubber seal installed. Watchmaker told me the seal would need a little time to bed-in, but that it was acceptable if the threading was visible.
      At first, I was a little bugged to hear this, but when I got home and checked my old 1981 Rolex catalogue, sure enough, the threading is visible on the Submariner and SeaDweller models. So, I'm none too fussed about it.
      The watchmaker did tell me that the crown tube is probably going to require replacing at its next service. I already conducted a frantic search for a new crown tube and managed to locate a NOS one, which I have put aside until the time comes. I might have to include some photos of all this in my next post.

  4. That tower sure is a fetching machine. I tend to move about 3 or 4 machines at a time. The only problem is that they tend to be my better ones, which will eventually leave me with a house full of half-working typewriters that I really need to repair. Oh well. Next holiday perhaps?
    I can understand your wanting to get rid of the K2. I can't stand mine. I cleaned it up, but frankly it feels like it is fighting me. I bought it for $20, and I Can't see myself selling it again for any more than that. Although there's a very hopeful chap on ebay trying to hock one for $450. Oddly enough he's been trying for 2 years, originally claiming it was a World War II typewriter that saw action in Greece - and wouldn't accept when I pointed out that it was made in the 1950's

    1. The Tower and K2 are poles apart. Definitely going to get rid of the K2. Surprisingly, I had a quick go at a Lemair Helvetica that I was planning to sell and I found it to be a very nice machine to use. Happens to me all the time. I try a typewriter and it doesn't thrill me. Six months later, I tap the keys again and my opinion does a 180 degree spin.
      Didn't happen with the Everest K2. It's as bad as I remember.
      As for that guy trying to sell the K2 that "saw action in Greece", maybe he meant 'Grease- The Musical'. I'd give up if I was trying to sell a K2 for 2 years.
      Hope you and Miss J are well, Scott!