Friday, 1 December 2017

Three Weeks (or Thereabouts) Till Xmas & My Recent Wristwatches

Friday, December 1st

Things are getting busy, folks. This'll probably be a short one. 

Work is getting busier with repairs as I book 'em in, the watchmaker plows through them, then I ship 'em out. 

My neck and shoulder blade trouble has subsided, thanks to a great physiotherapist that I've been visiting in recent months. Still have some issues with my rotator cuff and sorting this out involves me performing some regular exercise. Needless to say, I haven't been as diligent with this as I should be. 

Wore the Omega Speedmaster earlier this week;

Still getting used to these multi-focal glasses. Optometrist told me to wear them for just a couple of hours a day, but my job involves staring at a computer screen for the bulk of  the day. Might just need a little longer for them to settle in. Or my eyes to fall out. 

Not sure if I've managed to shake off any of this excess weight. Haven't jumped onto a scale for a few weeks. Might do that first thing tomorrow morning.

It's been a week or so of swelteringly high temperatures here in Melbourne. The weather bureau then forecast heavy rains for later in the week. We're talking torrential storms of Biblical proportions. They are predicting 150mm of rain over the next three days. Is that a lot, I dunno.
It's now almost 8:30pm Friday night and, while it did rain steadily throughout the day today, I wouldn't call it a heavy downpour. 
Anyway, my fedora's on stand-by. Just in case. 

Switched over to the Oris Diver SixtyFive. Still have it on the ZRC leather strap. Wore it in the shower a couple of times to give the strap a good going-over, kind'a like wearing jeans in the bathtub to get them to mould to your body shape. 
Not sure if I'll keep it on this strap. I probably should over Summer. Really put it through its paces. 

Although I've said this once or twice in the past, I really plan to go through my watch collection and shift a few pieces. I've noticed that there are a handful of watches that have been worn only once or twice in the past year. No point holding on to them. This ain't no time for sentimentality. I have to be practical here. 
Same with a few typewriters. Did I mention this already in my last post? 
I may be a little tired. 

Anyway, one more shot of the Oris;

Thanks for reading and have a good weekend, all!


  1. Nice watches. We had about 11 inches or about 275-180mm iof rain about a week ago. One of the rainiest Novembers on record. Nice watches. Keep on exercising, aches and pains are no fun and surgery is worse.

  2. You've once again convinced me to buy a watch. I've finally fallen for the Oris 65. Great quality watch with a lovely look and feel, although the crown is pretty sharp on the wrist.
    Might put it on a light brown leather strap when I'm not an the beach. :)

    1. Ahh, Stijn, now that's a great watch! Did you get the 40mm or 42mm model? Either one is cool. My one got the most wear throughout 2017 and I'm currently working on a review of it. Oris scored big time with this one.

    2. The black 40mm, because it just sits perfectly on my wrist. I still don't understand why almost all modern watches need to be 42mm and more. What are people trying to prove? :)

      Also love that fact that it originates from 1965, just like the PR 516 GL I often wear during the week. The Oris will be my weekend/holiday/summer watch.

    3. Yes, I've seen some wonderful watches over the years that were perfect except for the large sizing. Some great dress watches that should have been 37-38mm instead of 40 to 44mm.
      There's been an ever-so-slight shift back towards smaller sizes by some brands in the last few years. I hope it continues.