Friday, 7 July 2017

Friday 7/7/2017 - Kittens of Mass Destruction, New Wheels, Photobucket Can Go To Hell & This Week's Wristwatches.

Last weekend, I wore the Omega Speedmaster Professional.
Geez, this watch looks huge on my wrist these days. Gotta eat a little more protein and get back to the gym. True, you can't fatten your wrists, but I do recall them being a little larger that they are now.

Question: What weighs less than two kilos, moves at the speed of light, and is really breaking my nuts at the moment?



Monday morning, approx. 7:45am
                                                      He hopped up on the kitchen bench-top and knocked over the full jar of ground coffee...before I'd had my first cup of the day. My wife walked in to the kitchen to find coffee and broken glass all over the floor. 

Tuesday night, approx 6:00pm
                                                  My wife made a roast for dinner. Bowie ('cos that's what we've called him) managed to get his greasy paws on to the netting that was used to wrap around the roast and had a large wad of it in his mouth by the time he was discovered. Trying to get the netting out from between his claws was a slightly Herculean task, I'm told. 

Wednesday afternoon
                                   My wife and kids heard a slight clanging sound coming from the kitchen. Upon investigation, they found him with the little steel milk jug over his head, like a knight's helmet. He was stumbling around the kitchen and it was banging against the door. This is a small jug that we use to froth milk for coffees with. The jug was in the sink and had some residue in it and he had knocked it off the bench-top and then licked away at the inside of it. 

Thursday, dinnertime
                                  My wife turned her head away from her dinner plate for a split-second to glance over at the heater. My daughter and I yelled out; "Whoa!" and "Mum!!!"
My wife turned back to look at her plate as Mister leapt up onto the table and began sniffing at the steamed broccoli on her plate. My wife was slightly startled to find him so close to her food. She quickly grabbed him and lifted him up. He dug a claw into the linen place-mat under her plate. As she lifted him further away from the table, the place-mat and plate edged further towards the edge of the table in front of her lap. She stopped lifting him, he held on to the place-mat, while I, my daughter and my wife paused to figure out a way around this pickle without him eating her food or the food ending up in my wife's lap. 

Meanwhile, our other cat is still hissing at him if he goes near her. We've been careful to keep the two of them apart, but it's becoming a logistical headache, making sure one is in another room when the other appears. I will say, though, that Madame is hissing and groaning less and less than she did a week ago, so she just might be getting used to the fact that this new little guy is here to stay.
Or she's leading us on and plans to murder us all in our sleep one night. 
I prefer the first theory.

Wore the Speedmaster to start the week...

And switched over to the Hamilton Khaki Officer's Mechanical midweek. 
This is one piece that doesn't get much time on the wrist.Might have something to do with its 44mm diameter. If I'm thinking that the Speedmaster looks big on my wrist, then this thing is absolutely huge. However, I love it's cartoony look on my wrist. 
The photos I took of this watch when I wrote a review of it here a few years ago are being held hostage at the moment. See below. 
Looks like I'll be taking some new photos and updating that review sometime soon.

If you have a Photobucket account, you may have see this in some of your hosted photo locations on the web;

This blog of mine is now riddled with this graphic. I have about 360 blog posts here, many of them with photos hosted by Photobucket. In order for Photobucket to continue hosting my photos, I would have to upgrade to their P500 package which would cost me just shy of $400 USD a year. 
Not a chance in hell. Yes, I understand that they couldn't supply this free service forever, but I wasn't expecting that they'd hold me to ransom either. 
I don't respond well to blackmail. 
So, it will be a slow process, but I plan on replacing a tonne (or possibly all) of the missing photos on this blog, starting with my wristwatch review pictures first. Meanwhile, I'll remove my pictures from Photobucket and then ask them to close my account. Thanks for the nice service over the years, PB, but you really turned into a jerk towards the end.

It's now 9:00pm Friday night.  I'll be going to get a cheque from the bank tomorrow morning before heading to the Mazda dealership to pick up a 2006 hatchback that I took for a spin earlier this week. It was a sedate little test drive. Tomorrow, I plan to get this car into fifth gear.

Anyway, now it's 10:20pm and I need a cup of tea. Gotta say this computer of mine is really running slow these days. That last Window 10 update, coupled with our new NBN (National Broadband Network) setup has done nothing but slow this thing down. We switched to NBN about two months ago. We've experienced three outages to our internet (and more importantly) our landline phone. So far, this faster internet hasn't set my world on fire. Especially since I have noticed not one lick of difference in our internet speed around here. 

'Night all.
Oh, I wore the Oris Diver SixtyFive to work today;

Thanks for reading!

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